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  Clinton Hires “Evangelical Consultant”

Posted by Yankee Sailor on 28Dec06.

Presidential hopefull Hillary Clinton has hired an “ evangelical consultant ” to help her connect with the quarter of Americans that consider themselves evangelicals.

“Observers of Clinton’s expressions of faith say religion has always been important to her, that she attended prayer group meetings while first lady, and that she joined a Senate prayer group shortly after winning election in 2000,” The Hill reports. “Reporters anticipating Clinton’s ’08 presidential run wrongly discount her expressions of faith as cynical political maneuvering,” the observers add.

She can hire whomever she wants, but if her actions and words don’t line up, it will just be a waste of money – and viewed as cynical political maneuvering. I guess she just doesn’t get that “you shall know them by their fruit” thing.

  Farewell to a Fellow Shellback

Posted by Yankee Sailor on 27Dec06.

My ensign’s at half-mast this afternoon as a distinguished fellow shellback has gone to sleep with mighty Neptune.

Lt. Commander Gerald R. Ford, U.S. Naval Reserve

May he rest in peace.

Wizbang has more .

Update: While surfing around I was reminded of an important fact. Did you know, and for those of you that did, did you ever wonder why, six out of the last ten presidents served as an officer in the United States Navy ? The answer is simple: the Navy builds leaders.

  More on NATO Membership and Israel

Posted by Yankee Sailor on 26Dec06.

NATO membership for Israel is back on the menu at some thinktanks. From the Washington Times story on the topic:

Growing instability across the Middle East has prompted foreign policy think tanks to brainstorm ways to stabilize that region. One idea circulating in Washington last week called for admitting Israel into NATO.
    At least one analyst thinks NATO membership could provide security to Israel, help settle the Israel-Palestinian border and make the alliance a stabilizing force in the region.

I’ve discussed this before , but the Times points out another salient problem with the proposal:

Daniel Levy, a senior fellow and director of the foundation’s Middle East initiative, cautioned that a NATO with Israel as its only member from outside Europe and North America would make Israel look like a “colonial outpost.”

Now, technically NATO has a member outside the confines of Europe and North America – Turkey – but extending membership to Israel is problematic and not likely to happen any time soon.

  Arabic Every Islamist Should Know

Posted by Yankee Sailor on 22Dec06.

There’s been buzz lately about Arabic signs that are springing up around Richmond, Virginia. The signs are sponsored by the Virginia Interfaith Center , and are said to be a campaign to decrease the identification of Arabic and Arabs with terrorism.

I suppose there’s nothing wrong with this, because it’s certainly true that being an Arab does not equate to being a terrorist. In fact, I think it’s such a great idea that I am supporting another understanding initiative. In the hope that the Arabs that are terrorists understand just where America is coming from in the War on Terror, I suggest they memorize this Arabic:

And, they should expect to get a visit from people that take these sentiments very seriously.

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