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  Arab Leaders Call for Nuke Programs

Posted by Yankee Sailor on 31Mar07.

From the Arizona Star :

Arab leaders pushed ahead Thursday with plans to develop nuclear programs, even as they warned of a possible Middle East nuclear arms race created by their powerful rivals Israel and Iran.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II called in a speech for the creation of a “Peaceful Arab Center for Using Nuclear Energy” to help “build our societies and modernize the realms of science, industry, agriculture and health.”

Wael al-Assad, the Arab League’s official in charge of preparations for the meeting, said closer nuclear cooperation was prompted by fear of Israel’s nuclear weapons, and Iran’s escalation of its program.

  India Tests Seaborne Nukes

Posted by Yankee Sailor on 31Mar07.

From UPI :

India successfully test-fired Friday a nuclear-capable surface-to-surface ballistic missile developed by the country’s navy, the Press Trust of India reported.

The missile named “Dhanush” (Sanskrit for Arrow) was fired from the Indian ship INS Subhadra in the Bay of Bengal off the coast of the eastern state of Orissa.

“Dhanush,” the navy’s version of the already tested “Prithvi” surface-to-surface missile, has a range of up to 217 miles or 350 kilometers, and is capable of carrying both conventional and nuclear weapons, the report said. It can also be deployed as an anti-ship weapon.

Now this opens a can of worms. Not only is India a nuclear power, now they have the capability of forward deploying nuclear weapons outside of India.

  Nation’s Oldest Female Veteran Dies

Posted by Yankee Sailor on 31Mar07.

From the Fredrick NewsPost :

Charlotte Winters, the last surviving female American World War I veteran, died Tuesday at Boonsboro’s Fahrney-Keedy senior residential home. She served in the war as a secretary at the Washington Navy Yard some 90 years ago.

She met with the secretary of the Navy in 1916, as the United States was on the brink of entering World War I, to persuade him that women could do support jobs in the Navy to help the war effort.

At that time, women were not allowed in the Navy. The secretary, Josephus Daniel, documented his meeting with Winters in his journal. Within six months, he decided that women would be permitted to serve as either secretaries or nurses. His notes of that meeting are in the Navy’s archives.

After World War I ended in 1918, Winters helped form the Jacob Jones American Legion Post 2 in Washington, the first American Legion chapter for women only.

Winters was a yeoman in the Navy. She worked at the Washington Navy Gun Factory, known as the Navy Yard. She was discharged in July 1919, and continued as a civilian in the same position until she retired in 1953.

She was 109 years old.

  France is Lost

Posted by Yankee Sailor on 30Mar07.

Bernard Lewis spoke recently to the AEI and had some sobering words on the effects of Muslim immigration and multiculturalism in Europe:

Here is another more recent example of multiculturalism. On October 8, 2002–I insist on giving the date because you may want to look it up–the then French prime minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, who I am told is a staunch Roman Catholic, was making a speech in the French National Assembly and talking about the situation in Iraq. Speaking of Saddam Hussein, he remarked that one of Saddam Hussein’s heroes was his compatriot Saladin, who came from the same Iraqi town of Tikrit. In case the members of the Assembly were not aware of Saladin’s identity, M. Raffarin explained to them that it was he who was able “to defeat the Crusaders and liberate Jerusalem.” Yes. When a French prime minister describes Saladin’s capture of Jerusalem from the largely French Crusaders as an act of liberation, this would seem to indicate a rather extreme case of realignment of loyalties.

I was told this, and I didn’t believe it. So I checked it in the parliamentary record. When M. Raffarin used the word “liberate,” a member–the name was not given–called out, “Libérer?” He just went straight on. That was the only interruption, and as far as I was aware there was no comment afterwards.

The Islamic radicals have even been able to find some allies in Europe. In describing them I shall have to use the terms left and right, terms which are becoming increasingly misleading. The seating arrangements in the first French National Assembly after the revolution are not the laws of nature, but we have become accustomed to using them. They are difficult when applied to the West nowadays. They are utter nonsense when applied to different brands of Islam. But as I say, they are what people use, so let us put it this way.

They have a left-wing appeal to the anti-U.S. elements in Europe, for whom they have so-to-speak replaced the Soviets. They have a right-wing appeal to the anti-Jewish elements in Europe, replacing the Axis. They have been able to win considerable support under both headings. For some in Europe, their hatreds apparently outweigh their loyalties.

You are right to be worried. Lewis also gives an excellent thumbnail overview of the history of the conflict beween East and West, so it’s worth reading the whole speech.

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