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  Weekend Open Post

Posted by Yankee Sailor on 30Jun07.

  Naval News Today

Posted by Yankee Sailor on 28Jun07.

Navy take measures to protect secrets

Japan’s navy plans to move officers married to foreigners away from posts with access to military secrets after sensitive data was leaked through an officer with a Chinese wife, a report said on Wednesday.

The Maritime Self-Defence Force plans to gradually transfer from August some 10 officers who are married to non-Japanese nationals and who have access to high-level military secrets, the Sankei Shimbun said without naming sources.

The move is aimed at protecting military secrets in the wake of an embarrassing leak of confidential information on the US-developed high-tech Aegis combat system, the conservative daily said.

  Wednesday Open Post

Posted by Yankee Sailor on 27Jun07.

  Naval News Today

Posted by Yankee Sailor on 27Jun07.

Left goes to war against US warship

Left parties on Tuesday objected to the Government allowing a US aircraft carrier to dock in Chennai, saying Washington was using New Delhi to counter China and Iran.

The parties alleged the visit of nuclear-powered USS Nimitz was part of “hostile operations against Iraq”. Nimitz, which will anchor in Chennai in early July, is the first US aircraft carrier to make a port call India.

“We are strongly opposed to this visit and we will take it up with the government,” said CPM leader Nilotpal Basu. “The Americans are in difficulty in Iraq and are not having their way with Iran and are wary of the growing might of the Chinese,” he was quoted by Reuters as saying. “They are desperate to co-opt India in their overall strategy to contain China and some other countries.”

Australian navy plans a threat, says Fiji soldier

Australian plans to boost the country’s navy are a threat to Fiji, a top Fijian military commander has said.

Fiji’s Land Force Commander, Colonel Pita Driti, told the Fiji Times that Australia’s planned A$11 ($12.31) billion purchase of advanced destroyers and amphibious warships was a reaction to his country’s military coup.

“Their plans to purchase and strengthen defence equipment came about in December when it could not respond to an alleged request by Laisenia Qarase for Australia’s intervention in what was happening in Fiji,” Colonel Driti told the newspaper.

Navy recruits learn aboard virtual ship

When the entire ship shudders violently after a missile strikes it, rookie sailors in the Navy’s latest war-game simulator find out what it was like when the USS Cole was hit nearly seven years ago.

And though the sailors navigate what amounts to an armored theme-park ride, the last thing on their minds is Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando.

Sirens blare, lights go out, walls collapse and smoke billows in after the deafening explosion. Naval recruits scramble through the ruins, helping injured sailors while responding to the mock terrorist attack.

It’s all part of “boot camp” on the USS Trayer, the Navy’s new virtual-fighting ship, christened last week at the Great Lakes Naval Station in suburban Chicago. Since then, nearly 1,000 recruits have run the floating obstacle course — dubbed Battle Stations 21 — to hone their maritime skills.

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