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Posted by Yankee Sailor on 14Jul07.

Navy wins OK to keep using newer sonar technology

The federal government wants to extend by five years its rules allowing the Navy to use a new low-frequency sonar, despite objections from environmentalists that the technology may harm whales and dolphins.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Tuesday that the low-frequency active sonar used to detect submarines at great distances would have a “negligible impact” on marine mammals species and stocks.

The Navy, in requesting the five-year rule extension, asked for permission to use the sonar in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans, as well as in the Mediterranean Sea, NOAA said in a document submitted to the Federal Register.

NOAA has opened its proposal for the five-year rule extension to public comment through July 24. It will issue a final decision on the extension after reviewing any submitted comments. The current rules expire Aug. 16.

The Natural Resources Defense Council, which challenged the low-frequency rules when they were first established five years ago, said it was disappointed with NOAA’s move.

  Weekend Open Post

Posted by Yankee Sailor on 14Jul07.

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