“That Time” Bleeds into “This Time”

Posted by Chris van Avery on 12Jul11.

So, the course was over about three weeks ago, but the workload hasn’t let up. Reminding me that one danger of proving oneself useful is that you start to collect extra jobs, I now am course coordinator for one course, and course manager (a promotion of sorts) for another. Thus, I’m juggling two courses at least through mid-October.

Consequently, I’ll be resuming posting, but it will tend to be light for the time being.

  It’s That Time Again

Posted by Chris van Avery on 26Apr11.

A couple of important notes for those reading by feed….

Twice a year I run a seven-week course in Advanced Security Cooperation that cuts deeply into my blogging time. Class convening is Thursday, so posting around here will slow to 2-3 posts per week as the spirit moves me. As a result there are three things worth noting:

1. I still keep reading and sharing lots of stuff via the feed and “read board” (links above), and Twitter (down on the right).

2. I’ll redirect the feed normally contains only blog posts to the main feed, so many of you will see my content surge as you get my whole stream of consciousness.

3. This post is sticky, so the post below this one is likely newer (so keep reading).

Life should return to normal in mid-June.

  A Thought on Easter

Posted by Chris van Avery on 24Apr11.

  A Small But Noteworthy Act of Rebellion in Honolulu

Posted by Chris van Avery on 15Apr11.

Add one more person in Honolulu who has their priorities in the right place. Click the pic for easier reading.

And, no, there was no DoD sticker on the car.

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