Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 09Mar11.

Gadhafi forces barrage rebels in east and west
Libya rebels reject talks on Qaddafi exit
U.S., Europe considering naval operations to deliver humanitarian aid to Libya
Experts: ‘No-fly zone’ may not halt Gadhafi offensive
French Minister Doesn’t See Military Option in Libya
Malta objects to Libya sanctions
Libyan test for new-look al-Qaeda
Why Libya’s Qaddafi Could Survive Like Saddam In 1991
Yemen protests hit Saleh fiefdom, military in Sanaa
Two thousand inmates in Yemen jail revolt
Yemeni army storms Sanaa University, wounding 98
Bahrain opposition groups call for sweeping changes
Bahrain king told Petraeus the Shi’ite opposition was trained, backed by Iran
Special Commentary: Iran and the Bahraini Uprising
Saudi Arabia is losing its fear
The Battle Between Iran and Saudi Arabia
Tahrir Square women’s march marred by rival protest
In Egypt, Harsh Measures Against Internal Security Officials
Oman’s Different Kind of Revolution
Salafi-Jihadists Demonstrate in Jordan’s Capital with Al-Qaeda Banners, Jihadist Slogans
Amid Arab protests, resentment builds in Jordanian town
Iran’s Rafsanjani loses post as chair of state body
‘Iranian activists, police clash in Women’s Day protest’
Russia says will complete Bushehr project ‘in near future’
Ahmadinejad Calls For New World Order
Attacks on Iraq activists spark concern
Kuwaiti protesters bring demands for reforms to streets
UAE stable despite regional turmoil
GCC To Discuss Economic Aid To Bahrain, Oman
Syria frees 80-year-old former judge in amnesty
Hezbollah Back on Offense
Israel considering temporary Palestinian state
Netanyahu peace move dismissed
Netanyahu: Israeli army must remain in West Bank’s Jordan Valley
Israeli plan to demolish unauthorised West Bank outposts condemned
Middle East: Lots of Challenges; One Big Opportunity
Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in 2010: The Intensification of the Near War
Four dead as Ivory Coast troops open fire on civilians
Ivory Coast Conflict Worsens as Gbagbo Seizes Nation’s Cocoa, Coffee Sales
51 reported dead in new fighting in southern Sudan
Mass arrests for Congo ‘coup bid’
Angola is stirred by the spirit of revolution
Aid workers in Burundi worry about food insecurity
U.S. Set To Begin Withdrawing Afghanistan Troops In July
Karzai foretells hard year in Afghanistan
Car Bomb Kills 20 in Eastern Pakistan
The most likely apocalypse in our future: An Indian-Pakistani nuclear exchange
China Blasts S.Korea Military Hacking Allegations
China imposes Tibet travel limits
China’s coal reserves ‘will make it new Middle East’, says energy chief
China considers relaxing one-child policy
N Korea begs food aid from Zimbabwe
Why U.S. and China Woo Mongolia
Dam splits Vietnam, Laos
Men Without Women — The ominous rise of Asia’s bachelor generation
Man arrested in Glasgow over Stockholm suicide attack
Russians protest by emigrating, not demonstrating

China Stakes Claim on Disputed Islands after Spats
Japan protest over China fly-by
Hostage Oversupply in Somalia?: Pirates Negotiate Better Deals to Free Up Space

U.S. Navy Keeping Watch on Libya
Military Balance Report: China ‘Won’t Threaten US In Pacific For A Decade’
Russia’s Fog of Military Reform
Japan Expects Stealth Fighter in 2014
A Successor To Gates Is A Quandary For Obama
Amos: Marines May Buy Some F-35Cs

Oil price falls on Saudi comments
Impact of Budget Cuts on the Poor
Investors Fret Over Japan Turmoil
Save energy for economy, EU urged

Millions of dead sardines found in Californian marina
Sunspot riddle solved, say scientists

U.S. sets $223B deficit record
Senate set to kill parties’ competing spending-cut bills
GOP freshman: We’re just getting started on budget cuts
Democrats in Disarray Over 2011 Spending Cuts
Expert: Defense must be cut to avoid crisis
Tea party steeped in redistricting
U.S. Appeals Health-Law Ruling

Deadly religious clash in Cairo
In Egypt, Efforts To Calm Copts’ Protests
Muslims torch Christians’ houses [Bangladesh]
One Dead as Islamist Mobs in Ethiopia Destroy Church Buildings
Turkey’s Protestants concerned about attacks, demand legal status
Tunisian Jews feel safe under new government
Tibetan listeners embrace Christian radio
21 Pa. priests named in sex report are suspended
Pope to answer public questions on Italian TV
Anglicans to consider opening communion to unbaptized

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 25Feb11.

More Libyan Officials Step Down; More Gains For Rebels
Mercenaries gather in Tripoli for final battle
Libya Oil Output Down 75%
Libya calls western journalists ‘al-Qaida collaborators’
Egypt detains minister, TV boss
Egypt confirms assassination attempt on former vice president
Call For Millions-Strong Demonstration In Egypt
Muslim Brotherhood says Camp David already null and void
Saudi king shocked into popular measures
Saudi Arabia king accused of misjudged bribery in attempt to avoid unrest
13 killed in Iraq’s ‘Day of Rage’ protests
Iraqi Leader Urges Boycott of Protest
In Iraq, Senior Military Officer Arrested For Condemning Corruption
Bahrain Trade Union Joins Opposition
Bahrain: No arrest of opposition leader planned
Bahrain lawmaker accuses U.S. of being behind Arab revolutions
Young Palestinians call for protests on 15 March
Will Palestinians Revolt Too?
Iran’s Troubling, Triumphant Voyage
The War Over Containing Iran
Syria clamps down on dissent with beatings and arrests
Turkey Bids to Trump Iran
A History of Middle East Mercenaries
Obama Will Need New Mideast Strategy
US Interests In A Democratic Mideast
Algeria ends state of emergency
Putin says fears growing Islamic radicalism in North Africa
Somalia Begins Offensive Against Shabab
Zimbabwe charges 46 with treason for watching videos of Egypt protests
The United States Talks to the Taliban
U.S., Pakistan Military Chiefs Hold Secret Talks In Oman
China Promises to Rescue Citizens in Libya
4,500 Chinese escape Libya by sea; Americans stuck
Now, China woos east and central African countries
China’s Search for a Grand Strategy
Taiwan Reels From Spy Arrest
Scent of freedom in North Korea
Kidnapped Indian official freed
India’s America Obsession
Russia says U.S. meddling in Kuril dispute ‘unacceptable’
The Separation of the North Caucasus from Russia: Is it A Growing Possibility?
Is Russia a Revolt Away From Freedom?
Saudi man charged with US bomb attempt

Another Runaway General: Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators
The Case for Reviving the F-22 Fighter
Russia plans $650bn defence spend
Russian Rulers Cannot Rely On The Military During a Crisis
Arms Sales for India
Ukraine ‘interested’ in European missile defense – NATO chief

Mullen: US to continue anti-piracy efforts
United States Naval Institute: An Open Letter From Norman Polmar

Saudis hold talks with refiners amid warnings of oil crisis and rationing
Welcome to the Era of Expensive Oil
Consumers Start to Feel Pinch From Higher Grain Prices
China’s Turning Point
GM in profit as rebound continues

New Zealand quake toll 98; 226 missing
China Is a Green Superpower

Where Is the Money Going to Come From?
No Silver Bullet for Unemployment
Police hunt Wisconsin Democrats

Imprisoned Afghan Christian Released from Prison
Religion coverage doubles … to 2 percent
Hawaii’s governor signs civil unions into law
Oklahoman: Embryonic stem cell study banned in bill
Tennessee Legislators Propose Elaborate Anti-Sharia Bills
Salvation Army reports Red Kettle record
Bailouts, Federal Debt, and the End of Responsibility Threat of Prosecution Remains for Some Christians Freed in Iran
Weapons training an act of worship: Bashir
Egyptian army fires at Coptic monastery
Egyptian Armed Forces Demolish Fences Guarding Coptic Monasteries
Christian School Set on Fire in India
Saudi Arabia gets ready to put order in its courts
Can Religious Liberty Become “Halal”?

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 12Feb11.

Out of Egyptian protests a new Obama doctrine is born
Analysis: Behind Mubarak’s exit a military coup
Lahore killing: US official charged for murder
China bids to ease drought with $1bn emergency water aid
We are no threat, China seeks to assure
‘Fever of Liberation’ Moves To Baghdad With Intensified Demonstrations
Africa reacts to the fall of Mubarak
Al-Qaida committed to acquiring WMDs: US
Ahmadinejad calls for Mideast without Israel and US
Iran jams BBC’s Persian TV service
‘Beware friendly US,’ Ahmadinejad warns Egyptians
Explosions hit 3 gas pipelines in Iran
China activist ‘beaten by police’
Sudan clashes leave 105 dead as south readies for secession
Russia, Japan Fail to Calm Tensions
Is Japan Headed for a Government Shutdown?
162 Turkish officers ordered jailed in coup trial
Azerbaijan, Armenia May Go To War Over Territory

House Appropriations chairman proposes $100 billion in cuts
Poll: Unemployment is No. 1 concern
Trade deficit widens to $40.6 billion in December
Fear of Inflation Spreads Throughout Emerging Markets
High oil prices ‘here to stay’ says EU energy commissioner
Regulation without Representation
Only Answer to Budget Woes is Entitlement Reform

Light’s Out for Mideast Christians?

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 11Feb11.

Mubarak clings on as Egypt erupts in anger
Protesters: ‘He’s toying with us. I don’t think anybody is going to accept this’
Omar Suleiman tells protesters to go home
ElBaradei calls for military intervention
Middle East leaders react nervously to Mubarak’s defiance
Special Commentary: Egypt’s Lotus Revolution- Scenarios for a New Middle East
Egyptian Writer: ‘We Have Killed our Ruling Party, and Its Ghost is Coming Back to Haunt Us’
Beijing Wary of “Color Revolutions” Sweeping Middle East/North Africa
Nothing Inevitable about India’s Rise
North Korea sends SOS to world to feed its starving people
Bolivia leader flees food protest
Russia’s Muslim elite vows to tackle Islamist extremism
The US Threat Dominates Russian Defense Spending and Foreign Policy Decisions
Japan ‘Unwavering’ In Island Row With Russia: FM
Philippines And Muslim Rebels Revive Peace Talks
U.S. Spy Sats, Intel Budget Eyed for Savings

Malaysia Urged To Review $2 Billion Warship Deal
After Latest Seizure Of An Oil Tanker By Somali Pirates, Oil Supply Routes Now At Risk

Justice Dept. pushes states on voting rights
Maintaining American Military Power In an Age of Uncertainty
Will the Pentagon Always Be Able to Evacuate Americans from Hotspots?

Crisis Flummoxes White House
Analyst: U.S. Government Shutdown is Coming
House GOP calls for more spending cuts
The World’s Weather Isn’t Getting Weirder

Catholic college faces crisis of faith, labor laws
Wife-beating study shocks Buddhist Bhutan’s ‘happiness’ chief

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