Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 16Mar11.

Radiation fears prompt Tokyo exodus
2 new aftershocks rattle Japan’s northeast and Tokyo area
Store shelves empty even outside disaster zone as panic buying grips Japan
Chinese Coast Guard Moves to Help Japan
Libyan Rebels Flee Key Post, Retreat to Benghazi
G8 ministers defer to UN for resolution on helping Libyan rebels
Short on military supplies, Libya reaches out to Ukraine, Egypt, Belarus
Bahrain in state of emergency as crowd marches on Saudi embassy
Bahrain army, security start assault on anti-government protesters camped out in capital
Security official says Saudi soldier shot dead by opposition protester in Bahrain
US urges restraint by Gulf nations in Bahrain
Bahrain Seen as New Sunni-Shiite Front
Iran denounces troops in Bahrain
U.S.-Saudi tensions intensify with Mideast turmoil
Witnesses say anti-government tribesmen in Yemen border town kill 4 soldiers after protest
Activist dies in Yemen clashes
Clinton, top US visitor since uprising, pressing Egypt’s temporary leaders to stick to reform
Egypt’s ‘Youth Of The Revolution’ Refuses To Meet With Clinton
Egypt dissolves hated internal security force
In Egypt, Demands For New Constitution, Not Amendments
Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Doesn’t Want a Female or Non-Muslim President
Jordan Islamists to boycott dialogue with govt
Resignations of 2 Kurdish politicians in northern Iraq seen as challenge to Arabs for control
Small, rare political protest held in Syria
Another Blow for Turkey’s Press Freedom
Turkey casts a leery eye on Israel
Iran-backed group claims credit for murdering Jewish family as ‘natural response’
Palestinians protest for unity
Gaza policemen forcefully break up demo
Israel intercepts weapons ship
The Arab nightmare
Obama’s Scandalous Approach to Mideast
The Arab Revolutions: An Israeli Perspective
Fighting Escalates in Ivory Coast
Four killed in Ivory Coast attack
Ivory Coast’s Ouattara makes final offer to Gbagbo, tells him to step down
13 Somalis die in mortar attacks in capital; AU arrests 3 soldiers for wounding civilians
Kazakhstan homeowners hold large-scale protest calling for government to stop repossessions
Uzbekistan shuts down Human Rights Watch’s office amid mounting harassment of activists
Beijing’s fear of faith; Death of Catholic bishop has communists on red alert
Insights into China’s place in the world
North Korea ‘willing to negotiate’
NKorea agrees to take back 27 people whose boat strayed into SKorean waters
Philippine police capture militant linked to 2003 airport bombing, win praise from US
Political Turmoil Grows in Portugal
Haiti’s cholera ‘to be far worse’

Dealing with Somali Pirates: Lessons from the Strait of Malacca

Petraeus gives formal assessment of Afghanistan
Libyan Rebels May Have Used a MiG-23 to Sink Two of Ghadafi’s Warships
India’s Quiet Counter-China Strategy
New Russian Army weaponry ‘inferior’ to NATO’s, overpriced
Anti-terror training center eyed for Kyrgyzstan
Comfort goes on Central, South America mission
Hawaii and Guam: Strategic Convergence Zones for the United States Forward Defense Strategy in the Pacific Rim
Rewriting The Rules For Dealing With A Terrorist Nuclear Strike In A Major U.S. City
Tricare target of Pentagon cuts as health care projected to reach $65B

World stock markets slide on Japan panic
Japan to pay long-term price
Fed stands pat on interest rates
Mideast Instability: Could It Lead to Stagflation?
Graft ‘threatens India’s growth’

House Approves Spending Cut
Confidence in U.S. Government Hits 35-Year Low
Government Entitlement Programs Amount to Over One-Third of Total Wages
Government Is Too Big to Fail
Limit Annual Federal Spending
Is State Bankruptcy a Viable Option?

Muslim Attacks on Ethiopian Churches Update
Mail bomb addressed to moderate Islamic leader goes off in Indonesia, 4 wounded
Pakistani Christian Sentenced for ‘Blasphemy’ Dies in Prison; Murder Suspected
Pakistan Christian Village Sees Rising Tensions
Iran Christians Jailed, Bibles “Burned”
Lebanon’s Maronite bishops elect Bechara el-Rai patriarch of largest Mideast Catholic church
Malaysia to release 35,000 seized Bibles after Christians complain to Muslim-dominated gov’t
UK Foreign Secretary Accused of ‘anti-Christian’ Foreign Policy
Catholics in England and Wales say 900 leave Church of England to join ordinariate

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 11Mar11.

Powerful earthquakes hit Japan
France recognises Libyan rebels
Libya: Nato defence ministers agree on minimal intervention
No-fly zone plan will be presented on March 15: Hillary Clinton
Gaddafi offers $400,000 bounty for oppn leader
EU to get tough with Gaddafi and back north Africa’s democracy movements
GCC blasts Qaddafi govt as ‘illegitimate’
US spy warns Gaddafi will prevail in Libya
RN makes contingency plans to send more ships to Libya
Yemen Opposition Spurns Constitution Offer
In Yemen, Houthis Call To Topple Regime
Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and the Protests in Yemen
Bahrain prepares for march, clash erupts in school
Saudi police open fire on pro-democracy protesters
Saudi expectations high before Friday’s protests
Signs of dissent becoming more visible among Saudi Arabian youths
Saudi Arabia unrest: a blogger’s view
Egypt’s leaders seek police force’s speedy return to duty
Bedouin gunmen storm Egypt intel sites in Sinai
Egypt Prisoner Release Sets Off Alarms
Surge in Arab protests expected in Gulf states
Imprisonment of Turkish journalists draws MEP rebuke
Hidden energy crisis in the Middle East
Moroccan king praised for reform pledges
Ivory Coast’s Gbagbo Rejects AU Mediation Proposal
Sudan’s Army Reports 17 Killed in Clashes With Darfur Rebels
Army Steps Down From Rule in Niger
Death of Karzai cousin in botched Nato raid stokes Afghan anger
Pakistan militia warns government
Deathly Silence Grips Pakistan
A New, More Serious Terrorism Threat From Pakistan
India police kill Maoist leader
Mass arrests before India rally
Beijing’s “Wei-Wen” Imperative Steals the Thunder at NPC
China leader rules out democracy
Deaths Reported in China Quake
Unstringing China’s strategic pearls
Kim Jong-Il hits the bunker as Mideast heats up
Stop Feeding North Korea’s Army
Japan PM may have taken donations from Korean
Japan PM rules out resignation
Taiwan Mulls Post-US Pacific
Indonesia’s Bashir to stand trial on terror charges Fresh floods hit Queensland towns
Virtue of ‘microfinance’ turning to vice?

Somali pirates free Indian crew
The Case of the Iranian Warships and the Suez Canal
China Military Delegates Call for National Maritime Strategy to Protect Expanding Interests

Implications of China’s Military Evacuation of Citizens from Libya
An Analysis of China’s 2011 Defense Budget and Total Military Spending — The Great Unknown
Pakistan test-fires nuke-capable missile
Russia concerned over U.S. missile plans in Poland – Foreign Ministry

Is Russia Helping Taiwan Build Submarines?

Japan quake seventh most powerful ever: USGS
Globalisation and agriculture industry exacerbating bee decline, says UN
Study: Navy, CG must prepare for climate change

Poll: Americans wary of recovery
How Qaddafi Is Blackmailing Oil Markets
What Arab Unrest Means for Oil Supplies
EU leaders shift focus of rescue plans to the euro
China Consumer Prices Rise 4.9%
China Is Destined for Decline
China’s Coming Banking Crisis?
Japan Revises GDP Figure Downward
Spain debt downgraded by Moody’s

Defense must face cuts, key senators say
Growth Slows in America’s Urban Cores
When Liberal Compassion Turns to Coercion

9 Christians Killed, 150 Injured in Attack By 15,000 Muslims and Egyptian Army
U.S. Calls For Egypt To Prosecute Perpetrators In This Week’s Muslim-Christian Violence
Pakistani Officials Back Muslim Land-Grabbers, Christians Say
Ethiopia: Islamist Extremists Set Churches, Christian Homes on Fire
Christians issue rare rebuke against Malaysia’s government for seizing Bibles
China insists on role in anointing religious leaders
R.I. Senate to hold hearings on gay marriage bill
Florida Lawmakers Push For Sharia Ban

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 09Mar11.

Gadhafi forces barrage rebels in east and west
Libya rebels reject talks on Qaddafi exit
U.S., Europe considering naval operations to deliver humanitarian aid to Libya
Experts: ‘No-fly zone’ may not halt Gadhafi offensive
French Minister Doesn’t See Military Option in Libya
Malta objects to Libya sanctions
Libyan test for new-look al-Qaeda
Why Libya’s Qaddafi Could Survive Like Saddam In 1991
Yemen protests hit Saleh fiefdom, military in Sanaa
Two thousand inmates in Yemen jail revolt
Yemeni army storms Sanaa University, wounding 98
Bahrain opposition groups call for sweeping changes
Bahrain king told Petraeus the Shi’ite opposition was trained, backed by Iran
Special Commentary: Iran and the Bahraini Uprising
Saudi Arabia is losing its fear
The Battle Between Iran and Saudi Arabia
Tahrir Square women’s march marred by rival protest
In Egypt, Harsh Measures Against Internal Security Officials
Oman’s Different Kind of Revolution
Salafi-Jihadists Demonstrate in Jordan’s Capital with Al-Qaeda Banners, Jihadist Slogans
Amid Arab protests, resentment builds in Jordanian town
Iran’s Rafsanjani loses post as chair of state body
‘Iranian activists, police clash in Women’s Day protest’
Russia says will complete Bushehr project ‘in near future’
Ahmadinejad Calls For New World Order
Attacks on Iraq activists spark concern
Kuwaiti protesters bring demands for reforms to streets
UAE stable despite regional turmoil
GCC To Discuss Economic Aid To Bahrain, Oman
Syria frees 80-year-old former judge in amnesty
Hezbollah Back on Offense
Israel considering temporary Palestinian state
Netanyahu peace move dismissed
Netanyahu: Israeli army must remain in West Bank’s Jordan Valley
Israeli plan to demolish unauthorised West Bank outposts condemned
Middle East: Lots of Challenges; One Big Opportunity
Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in 2010: The Intensification of the Near War
Four dead as Ivory Coast troops open fire on civilians
Ivory Coast Conflict Worsens as Gbagbo Seizes Nation’s Cocoa, Coffee Sales
51 reported dead in new fighting in southern Sudan
Mass arrests for Congo ‘coup bid’
Angola is stirred by the spirit of revolution
Aid workers in Burundi worry about food insecurity
U.S. Set To Begin Withdrawing Afghanistan Troops In July
Karzai foretells hard year in Afghanistan
Car Bomb Kills 20 in Eastern Pakistan
The most likely apocalypse in our future: An Indian-Pakistani nuclear exchange
China Blasts S.Korea Military Hacking Allegations
China imposes Tibet travel limits
China’s coal reserves ‘will make it new Middle East’, says energy chief
China considers relaxing one-child policy
N Korea begs food aid from Zimbabwe
Why U.S. and China Woo Mongolia
Dam splits Vietnam, Laos
Men Without Women — The ominous rise of Asia’s bachelor generation
Man arrested in Glasgow over Stockholm suicide attack
Russians protest by emigrating, not demonstrating

China Stakes Claim on Disputed Islands after Spats
Japan protest over China fly-by
Hostage Oversupply in Somalia?: Pirates Negotiate Better Deals to Free Up Space

U.S. Navy Keeping Watch on Libya
Military Balance Report: China ‘Won’t Threaten US In Pacific For A Decade’
Russia’s Fog of Military Reform
Japan Expects Stealth Fighter in 2014
A Successor To Gates Is A Quandary For Obama
Amos: Marines May Buy Some F-35Cs

Oil price falls on Saudi comments
Impact of Budget Cuts on the Poor
Investors Fret Over Japan Turmoil
Save energy for economy, EU urged

Millions of dead sardines found in Californian marina
Sunspot riddle solved, say scientists

U.S. sets $223B deficit record
Senate set to kill parties’ competing spending-cut bills
GOP freshman: We’re just getting started on budget cuts
Democrats in Disarray Over 2011 Spending Cuts
Expert: Defense must be cut to avoid crisis
Tea party steeped in redistricting
U.S. Appeals Health-Law Ruling

Deadly religious clash in Cairo
In Egypt, Efforts To Calm Copts’ Protests
Muslims torch Christians’ houses [Bangladesh]
One Dead as Islamist Mobs in Ethiopia Destroy Church Buildings
Turkey’s Protestants concerned about attacks, demand legal status
Tunisian Jews feel safe under new government
Tibetan listeners embrace Christian radio
21 Pa. priests named in sex report are suspended
Pope to answer public questions on Italian TV
Anglicans to consider opening communion to unbaptized

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 02Mar11.

Gadhafi forces retake towns near Libyan capital
‘Al-Hayat’: Qadhafi Asks Tribal Heads To Stop Spread Of Protests – To Avoid Massacres
No-fly zone plan goes nowhere as US, Russia and Nato urge caution
No military intervention in Libya without UN: France
Clinton says Libya risks ‘protracted civil war’
UN: Libyan refugee ‘crisis’ tops 140,000
Libya outed from UN Human Rights council
Islamist IHH swoops into Libya’s vacuum
U.S. Backs Bahrain Royalty
Saudi Arabia sends tanks to riot-hit Bahrain – paper
Thousands back on Yemen streets
Yemen president blames Israel for Arab world unrest
Yemeni Islamist Leader Interjects Call For Islamic State Into Anti-Government Demonstrations
UN warns Yemen authorities against protest clampdown
Yemeni journalists threatened
Special Report from Yemen: The Looming Threat of Tribal War
Oman deploys army units fearing more unrest
Protests in Oman Sputter
Saudi Arabia Is Ripe for Revolution
Saudi Arabia’s subtle protests are serious
‘Damascus Declaration’ Organization Calls On Syrian People To Come Out Against Regime
Exodus From Libya May Hit Egyptian Economy
Brotherhood changes English website to appear moderate
Palestinians try to create ‘Facebook revolution’
In Gaza, Calls For Kidnapping Israeli Soldiers, Settlers
The “Egypt Effect” on Palestinian Politics
Iranian forces fire teargas, clash with protesters
Russia’s Lavrov urges restoration of trust in Iran
Moscow calls for nuclear weapon free zone in Mideast
Nationalism Resurgent in Arab World
Egyptian, Syrian Candidates To Run For Arab League Secretary-General
Israel’s Barak: Must look beyond Mideast risks
Turkey’s foreign minister says Israel’s human rights violations are the worst
Mass funeral for Turkish Islamist
Turkey: Kirkuk Is The Identity Of Turkmen, And Cannot Be Surrendered To Others – i.e. To The Kurds
Tunisia Defections Threaten Transition
Tunisia legalises Islamist group
Chinese hackers targeted Morgan Stanley in 2009
Reporters ‘must work with China’
A Jasmine tea transformation
China minister in corruption case
Balancing act in Asia: The U.S. does less; Japan does more
S Korea offers talks amid drills
U.S. considers resuming food aid to North Korea
North Koreans out of revolutionary loop
Vietnam Dissident Released on Bail
Burma’s generals attempt to prevent revolution by cross-dressing
Fury over Pakistan oil price rise
US competing with India to maintain leadership stature: Obama
Men to die for India train fire
Dowry wars: The big issue that has India divided
US warns Sri Lanka over war probe
Why Russia Is Challenging Japan Over Kurils
Russian border guards propose lifting visas for foreigners
Irish coalition talks under way
Plagiarism Affair: Defense Minister Guttenberg Resigns
UN says world leaders must act to stop systematic rape of girls in conflict zones
The Economist: A waxing crescent: Islam is growing. But ageing and slowing. That will change the world
IOC dismisses ‘racist’ logo claim

400 Marines to join Kearsarge near Libya
High Court rules for reservist in USERRA case
Report predicts ballooning defense budget
Russia Sets Arms Export Record of $10B
U.S. launches new missile shield for Europe
Prompt Global Strike Won’t Use ICBMs
Levin, federal workers slam Army’s move to put brakes on insourcing
Unified medical command could save $460m a year
Army swaps sit-ups for combat run in new PT tests

Pirates Threaten to Kill Danish Family if Rescue Attempted
U.S. Senator Proposes Legislation for Counter Piracy
Roughead: 2 carriers required in 5th Fleet
Destroyer CO, CMC fired during deployment

EU pledges €90m in climate funds for Pacific island states
Parched crops
Nations split on route to reduce emissions
Government hits out at EU fishing rules

Financial terrorism suspected in 2008 economic crash
Oil price rise ‘poses risk’ to US
U.S. Auto Sales Sizzle
Gold climbs on Libyan unrest, silver near 31-year high
Fed Chief Discusses Exit From Stimulus
Chinese Investment in the US $2 Trillion and Counting
China’s Troubled Transition to a More Balanced Growth Model
The Future of Chinese Growth
Corruption Threatens India’s Growth
Indian budget steeped in optimism
Why India & China Have Nothing on America

House passes bill to cut spending, avert shutdown
Corporate Tax Rate Is Major Barrier to Economic Growth
Obama says he will support letting states opt out of health-care law earlier
Billions in Bloat Uncovered in Beltway
Religious groups fight Obama on tax deductions
Regulators Push 20% Home Deposits
Key House Republican praises Obama’s housing plan
Democrats Seek Five Percent Cut in Senate Office Funds
Why Middle America Is Rejecting Big Gov’t
On Income Inequality and the Question of Justice

Clinton: Mideast religious minorities under threat
Christian Students Attacked by Muslim Mob in Ethiopia
Global Muslim population will continue to grow in next 20 years

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