100,000+ Visitors

Posted by Chris van Avery on 09Feb11.

Some time last month my visit count passed 100,000.

There have been times when I’ve logged 2,000+ visitors per day, but those days dried up with all the interruptions.

Such is life….

  Back to Thinking….

Posted by Chris van Avery on 27Jan11.

After an extensive overhaul, the last course turned out to be a lot more work than expected. Couple that with 31 days of leave on the mainland (yes, I can do that where I work) and the “slow posting” turned into “no posting” for considerably longer than “a few weeks”.

So sorry.

BTW, those of you who follow me on Twitter, like Maggie , probably still knew something of what was going through my head.

  Slow Posting Through October

Posted by Chris van Avery on 08Oct10.

I’m in final phase of preparations for the course I run, so posting will be a little slower than usual. The daily news summaries will still appear and I’ll continue to share additional items through Twitter, but until around 1 November, there won’t be much else.

  A Commendation For Dr. Barnett

Posted by Chris van Avery on 22Sep10.

Tom Barnett annouced he’s going on hiatus today, at least from blogging. While that puts a crimp in my daily security news posts, I have little doubt it’s the right thing to do. For those of you who have followed his blogging lately, he’s the proud new father of two daughters. What’s more, they were adopted from Ethiopia, so they no doubt come with some baggage.

Considering the backstory in his life, it is not only unsurprising, but commendable. For those of you that have kids, and have come to recognize how important being “Dad” is, one need look no further than his beautiful new daughters to recognize he’s got some work ahead of him. There’s a reason “father” is placed where it is up there on the title banner.

Oh, and if he comes back, I expect another hiatus when they hit their teens, too. I infer from somebody it’s that way with daughters.

Not that I know .


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