China’s Exploding Internal Security Budget

Posted by Chris van Avery on 10Mar11.

While lots of folks are fretting over China’s announced 12.7% increase in defense spending , few have yet noted the way domestic security spending continues to outpace defenese spending, not just in amount but also in rate of growth. From Jamestown comes this :

While it is well-known that China’s public-security apparatus has expanded vastly since 2008, the “Year of the Olympics,” observers were astounded by the 624.4 billion yuan ($95.0 billion) wei-wen budget for this year. The increase represented a jump of 13.8 percent over that of 2010. In comparison, the PLA budget stood at 601.1 billion yuan ($91.5 billion), a year-on-year rise of 12.7 percent (Reuters, March 5; Ming Pao [Hong Kong] March 6).

For those of you who have been watching, the most recent internal security budget is not only 4% larger than Beijing’s defense budget (the first time ever) but it represents a 45% increase in spending from 2009 levels .

Somebody’s very worried in Beijing.

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 04Mar11.

Obama keeps military option on table
Gaddafi’s forces capture Dutch marines on rescue mission
Libyan rebels reject Chávez mediation offer
Rebels deploy around strategic Libyan oil port
Special Report from Inside Libya: Assessing Libyan Rebel Forces
International criminal court to investigate Libyan violence
Yemeni opposition suggests way out of crisis for President Saleh
Gulf States Plan Aid Package for Bahrain, Oman
Egypt’s prime minister quits after calls for purge
INTERVIEW : Egypt’s new guiding lights
Shi’ites stage protests in Saudi oil province
Saudi Shiites Call For ‘Day Of Anger’ In Kingdom
Mideast Revolts Shift Politics in Iraq
Arab Summit Meeting In Baghdad Postponed
Khamenei: Iran’s 1979 revolution is ‘main model’ for current uprisings
Ahmadinejad: U.S. Administration Preventing Reporting Of Rioting In U.S.
Sheikh Al-Qaradhawi: Islam Commands Us To Remove Oppressing Ruler
Israel: No Palestinian peace deal possible now
PM praises Pope for clearing Jews of Jesus’ death
Gaza banks close because of Hamas robberies
Egypt, Sudan Reject Agreement To Share Nile Waters
Ivory Coast on brink of civil war as seven women killed at protest march
UN: 200,000 People Flee Ivory Coast Fighting
Tunisia president calls election
Pakistan: CIA Man Has No Immunity
Pakistan drugged out on defense and debt
India anti-graft chief forced out
Bid to boost India-Asean trade
China To Unveil Defense Budget To Nervous Region
Why the Middle East Has China Nervous
Japan scrambles jets in islands row with China
Fog lifts on Myanmar-North Korea barter
4 N. Koreans to resettle in South, 27 to return home
Russia Fears China, Not Japan
Clinton confirms plans for missile base in Poland
Fatal Shooting at Frankfurt Airport: German Investigators Suspect Islamist Motives behind Attack
Facebook Jihad: The Radical Islamist Roots of the Frankfurt Attack
Calderon: WikiLeaks caused severe damage to U.S.-Mexico relations
Food Prices Reach Record High
Three Horsemen of the New Apocalypse

Assessing the Strategic Readiness of US Armed Forces
Navy reveals findings of Enterprise video probe
Russia’s GLONASS Positioning System Cannot Work Properly
Russia tests 2nd prototype of fifth-generation fighter
Harvard to allow Navy ROTC chapter on campus

China Confronts Philippine Vessel
Iranian navy ships re-enter Egypt’s Suez Canal
Russia ready to pay 1.5 bln euros for Mistral contract – Defense Ministry
U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Midgett Nabs Drug Submarine

Greenspan: Surge in Gov’t ‘Activism’ Hampering Recovery
European Central Bank warns it may raise interest rates
Why The Dollar’s Reign Is Near An End
Rising Cost of Health Care Is Global Issue

GOP Takes Upper Hand With Budget Smackdown
States Overestimate Revenue, Now Look to Fill Gap
Ohio Senate OKs public union limits
Federal Eye: Majority backs government workers in unions, poll shows

Pakistani Christians protest after assassination of Shahbaz Bhatti
Pakistan media warn of growing chaos after Christian minister slain
Pakistan: Silence has become the mother of all blasphemies
Ethiopian Muslims Burn Down Five Churches, More Attacks Feared
Christian Copts Demonstrate Against Governor in Upper Egypt
Egypt’s Christians in Al-Qaeda’s Sights
Christian human rights lawyer reported kidnapped in China
Turkey: The right to have places of worship – a trapped right
Rights group appalled by situation of Bangladesh religious, ethnic minorities
Indonesia region curbs Ahmadiyah
Antisemitism: the hatred that refuses to go away
Chicago Tribune: State probes religious foster care agencies over discrimination
NEA Rep to UN: Teach Kids Orgasms & Free Them from Religion

  The Long Knives Are Out on “National Security” Spending

Posted by Chris van Avery on 02Mar11.

No doubt seeking to fend off deeper cuts to pet projects in the arts and aid, the Left has been rolling out an innovative math for spinning defense and national security spending. The latest attempt is a fine piece of inflationary puff from CBS, in which the author includes the following in what he labels $1.2 trillion of ”defense spending”:

– Counterterrorism activities of the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development

– Funding for peacekeeping and observer operations, clearing of landmines and counterproliferation efforts.

– Funding for law enforcement agencies falling under the Dept. of Homeland Security

– Retired pay and health benefits for military and civilian DoD employees

– Veterans benefits, including heath care, disability and education programs

– And, to ensure he doesn’t miss any opportuinty to pad the bottom line , interest due on funds borrowed to pay for all the above.

This is going to get ugly .

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 16Feb11.

Leading CBS journalist raped in Egypt
Egypt’s Military, Parties Begin to Prepare for Polls
Egypt army sets reform deadline
Egyptian army hijacking revolution, activists fear
Strikes Worry Egypt’s Military, Youth
‘Brothers’ in Egypt Present Two Faces
How Obama Lost the Egyptian People
Egypt Makes Russia, China Very Nervous
Protests escalate after deaths (Bahrain)
Bahrain’s ‘big if’
Clashes erupt in Yemen between pro- and anti-government protesters
Iranian MPs call for opposition leaders to be executed
US backs Iran protests as government calls for executions
Iranian Human Rights Council Sec-Gen: Egypt’s Military Commanders Are Under Influence Of CIA, Mossad
Saudi Website: Increased Security Alert In East Of Country
Tunisia extends state of emergency, lifts curfew
Tunisia: Italy to give €100m to stem flow of migrants
European Leaders Struggle with Wave of Tunisian Migrants
Four Israeli missions shut under threat
Syrian Teen Blogger Gets 5 Years in Jail
At least 211 killed in clashes in south Sudan
Caixin Online: China’s rice contaminated with heavy metals
More Clashes On The Thailand – Cambodia Border
South Korea troops mobilised after record snow
Public health worries after foot and mouth epidemic in South Korea
Explaining Kim Jong-il’s Tantrums
North Korea Frets Over Livestock Disease
U.S. Agents Shot in Mexico
Drug war leaves 18 dead in Mexican town
Clinton picks new US envoy to AfPak
Obama admin proposes $3.1bn for Pak
Will revolution spread to Pakistan?
Obama admin to cancel Voice of America China broadcasts
U.S. Delays Decision on TransCanada Pipeline
Food prices at ‘dangerous levels’
Expect Food Prices to Increase
Why Biofuels Help Push Up World Food Prices
Berlusconi to face trial in underage sex case
China, Iran push world’s tally of imprisoned journalists to 14-year high

A Weapon Of Mass Destruction Found In The U.S.?
Corps sets stage with 2012 budget request
Russia’s New Model Army: “Mobilization Reserves”

Somali pirates use captive crew to attack vessels: Hostage
3-star: Anti-carrier missile won’t stop Navy

Snow Damps Euro-Zone Recovery
Crop Prices Push Up Farmland Value
Tackling the Debt Crisis: Ministers Agree To 500-Billion-Euro Permanent Rescue Fund
French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde: ‘We Europeans Are All Being Put to the Test’
Japan’s economy ‘more positive’
UK inflation rate increases to 4%

UK’s shifting population placing environment under intense strain
World of Snow and Ice

GOP Pushes Biggest-Ever Cuts
U.S. Should Reform Corporate Tax Rates

Weekly Standard: Professional Islamists
Indonesian blasphemy law sparks Muslim violence in Java
Mass Malaysia Valentine arrests
Top Church Official Indicted In Philly Abuse Probe
Orthodox church sues over temple destroyed on 9/11
Growth stalls, falls for largest U.S. churches
Church Givers Also Give To Charities
Study: Post-grad degrees don’t lead to atheism
South Korea to restrict Christian missionaries in Islamic nations
Child With Missing Cerebellum Shows Power of Human Spirit
Undercover film shows pupils being beaten and taught hatred in Britain’s Muslim schools
Islamic group appeals Olympic site mosque

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