Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 19Mar11.

UN security council resolution on Libya: key points
Libya’s PM confirms cease-fire to Turkish counterpart
Warplanes ready, West refuses to buy Gaddafi truce
Libya invites foreign mediators to monitor ceasefire
Libyan exodus reaches 300,000, flow holds steady
NATO Goes To War. Again.
The U.S. sits one out
Beware the Costs of Libyan Intervention
China embroiled in a Libyan muddle
What we learned from the Security Council debate over Libya
45 protesters killed in Yemen
US condemns Yemen’s bloody crackdown on protesters
Three killed at protest in Syria
White House condemns Syrian crackdown on protesters
Hundreds of Jordanians demonstrate despite Saturday’s start of national dialogue on reform
Bahrain a Bigger Threat Than Libya
Bahrain Rebellion Could Prove Calamitous
Turkish FM: Bahraini Opposition Rejected Dialogue
Pakistanis, other foreigners target of Bahrainis’ wrath
Iran cleric urges Bahrain Shiites to keep up protest until they win against Sunni monarchy
Battle for Bahrain moves offshore: Shiite rage in Baghdad and Tehran
In Saudi Arabia, king opts for carrot and stick
In free Egypt, Islamic Jihad leader says the time for the gun is over
Japan Fallout Could Boost Iran
Fatah, Hamas Reps Meet In Nablus
Erdogan’s Moscow Visit Produces Mixed Results
The Arab League: Alliance better known for division than unity finds common ground
World Waits in Vain for Obama Leadership
What Do the Uprisings in The Middle East Mean for al-Qaeda?
30 killed in Ivorian missile attack
Demonstrators throng Swaziland capital, calling for gov’t reform, protesting pay freezes
Pakistan pulls out of US-Afghan talks in protest against deadly American missile attack
Jirga pledges to carry out suicide attacks on Americans to avenge drone killings
Russia’s anti-drug watchdog calls for more UN action in Afghanistan
Mob kills India police inspector
Japan’s nuclear agency raises severity rating of nuclear accident from 4 to 5 on 7-level scale
Japan official: Disasters overwhelmed government
Japan pledges more information on nuclear crisis
Nuclear Experts Ready to Aid Japan, U.S. Admiral Says
Japan’s ‘black swan’: Scientists ponder the unparalleled dangers of unlikely disasters
China Frees 7 Tibetan Monks Detained After Protest
China suspends officials after pigs test positive for banned drug in new food safety scandal
Spooked by Japan quake, NKorea proposes joint research with rival South on volcanic activity
Burma’s opposition finds its feet
Islands like Tuvalu need help to prepare for tsunamis
Haiti’s Aristide Ends Exile
Nicaragua Headed for 1-Man Rule Again
Radical Islam on the move in U.S. but multicultural elites say it’s no one’s business
US agrees to improve human rights record in first UN assessment

Bataan going to Mediterranean ahead of schedule
Russian military to buy 36 ICBMs, 2 missile subs in 2011
Russian Hard Bargaining Delays Contract On French Mistral Warships
Russian Navy to receive 10 Graney class attack subs by 2020
New bill would increase combat pay
Cracks discovered in inaugural LCS, Freedom

Indonesia raises alert level at Mount Karangetang volcano to highest
Extreme Weather: What Role Do Humans Play?

Libya worries keep oil volatile
World markets, including Nikkei, climb after major nations pledge help to stabilize yen
Dairy farmers seek changes in US policy as higher feed costs offset gains in milk prices

Science & Technology
“Supermoon”: Biggest Full Moon in 18 Years Saturday
Venter Surprises Dawkins: There is No Tree of Life? (Bush, Maybe?)

Obama signs short-term spending measure that includes some easy cuts
More than 60 senators call on Obama to join deficit-reduction talks
Rare White House request for Nuclear Regulatory Commission to review safety of US nuke plants
Slim majority back gay marriage, Post-ABC poll says
Students Perform Better With Teachers Who Are Paid for Performance
Progressive Government is No Longer Working

Indonesia: Christians protest against the new closure of the Yasmin Church in Bogor
Churches in Malaysia reject Bibles held up and desecrated by the government
Iranian news website suspended after reporting burning of New Testaments
European Court of Human Rights: Crucifixes are acceptable in public school classrooms
Internet’s naming authority OKs ‘.xxx’ domain suffix despite porn protest
Canadian polygamists win support of civil rights group

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 01Mar11.

US repositions forces near Libya
Libya crisis: Britain mulling no-fly zone and arms for rebels, says Cameron
France sends aid to Libya rebels
Libya quashes protest in Tripoli
Gaddafi has lost control over oil, gas fields: European Union
Former Libyan Justice Minister: There’ll Be No Interim Government
Food prices spiral in Libya capital amid crackdown
Yemeni president says ready to form unity govt
Yemen President Rallies Tribal Support
Al-Maliki calls for early local poll
Iraqi Grand Ayatollah Al-Sistani Calls On Government For Serious Measures To Improve Country’s Situation
Protesters in Oman set supermarket ablaze
Omani forces block roads to protest site
Oman protests intensify as Sultan struggles to appease demonstrators
US urges restraint as violence hits Oman
Bahrain Is Roiled By Return Of Shiite
Bahrain protesters block Parliament
Barack Obama urges Bahrain to embrace reform
Bahrain dissidents feel it’s time for dialogue
Report: Iran opposition leaders moved to prison
Iran complains that London 2012 Olympic logo spells “Zion”
Iran’s Economy Shaken By Upheaval
America’s Anti-Iran Alliance in Tatters
Egypt issues Mubarak travel ban
Egyptian Coptic Pope: Demand Judicial Freedom For Non-Muslims In Egypt
Egypt could ban Muslim Brotherhood: Israel
Egypt Is Too Special for al-Qaeda to Stay Silent
Al Qaeda’s No. 2 incites Tunisians, Egyptians
In Saudi Arabia, Shi’ite Cleric Arrested; Closed Shi’ite Mosques Reopen
Salafi-Jihadists in Jordan to Protest for Release of Prisoners
Hezbollah Is Watching, and Waiting
Kurdish Rebels Revoke Cease-Fire
Erdogan remarks rankle Germany
Sidelined diplomats insist that “peace talks” remain the core issue in the Arab world
Arab Kings May Outlast Arab Dictators
Technology Review: Middle East Conflict and an Internet Tipping Point
Social Networking Sites – Weapon, Threat and Target
Tunisia Gets a New Prime Minister
Morocco protests fail to take hold
10 killed during clashes in Sudan
UN inspectors under fire in Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast Violence Escalates As Mediation Efforts Stall
Attempted Coup Thwarted In DR Congo
Post-Davis , 30 US spies halt covert mission, flee Pakistan
Strike over Balochistan missing
Indian spending to placate poor
South Korean war games prompt threats from North Korea
Protest spooks skittish China
Vietnam democracy activist held
Bailout fury triggers regime change in Ireland after 24 yrs
The Kremlin Spins Conspiracy Theories Explaining Revolutions Away
Russia, Norway to expand cooperation
Clash over Cuba dissident march
UN rights chief seeks world support for uprisings

As Gates plans exit, work piles up for his successor
India plans to increase defense spending by 11 percent next year
America’s last WWI veteran dies

Danish children seized by pirates
Somali pirates seize cargo ship with 23 crew
Madagascar Navy Rescues Pirated Vessal
Iran Naval Mission ‘Not Aggressive’, Says Admiral

Oil steady despite Saudi worries
India economy to sustain growth
Inflation Prompts Subsidy Spree
Jobs in peril as U.S. startups decline
US approves first deep-water well in Gulf
Is U.S. Manufacturing Dead?
Parents offer body parts to pay off kids’ loan
2050: Will ‘Chindia’ Rule, or US?
Japan’s output up for third month
World Population Prospects and the Global Economic Outlook
America Spends More on Education, Gets Worse Outcomes
The awful truth: education won’t stop the west getting poorer

China to slow GDP growth in bid to curb emissions
Barack Obama may be forced to delay US climate action
New Hurricane Model Will Broaden Who’s at Risk

Boehner: Debt a ‘moral threat’ to U.S.
Boehner rips bid to regulate Internet
Poll: Public Would Blame Democrats More for a Shutdown
Report: GOP Spending Plan Would Cost 700,000 Jobs
Governors Scramble to Rein In Medicaid
Social Security reform looms with or without Obama

Laos Christians Facing Starvation; Officials Cutting Off Food, Water
Chinese Government planning increased regulations on Christian worship
Murder of 70-year-old Christian in Baghdad raises fears of more attacks
Christian Annihilation – The Iraq War’s Collateral Damage
Hamas fights UN’s ‘poisonous’ Holocaust lessons in Gazan schools
Anti-gay Christian couple lose foster care case
Europe Stuttering Timidity in Denoucing the Persecution of Christians
Christianity Is Thriving Worldwide
Call to extend Catholic-Jewish amity to Islam
Suleiman the Magnificent TV drama opens Turkish divide on religion
Confucius: What’s in a Name?

  Politics & Culture News Today – 10/7/10

Posted by Chris van Avery on 07Oct10.

Gallup Finds U.S. Unemployment at 10.1% in September
Unemployment, as measured by Gallup without seasonal adjustment, increased to 10.1% in September — up sharply from 9.3% in August and 8.9% in July. Much of this increase came during the second half of the month — the unemployment rate was 9.4% in mid-September — and therefore is unlikely to be picked up in the government’s unemployment report on Friday.

‘Fairly Bad’ or ‘Very Bad’ Economic Assumptions
Don’t look to Jan Hatzius, the highly respected chief economist at Goldman Sachs, for a pep talk on the near-term state of the economy.

Mortgage rates continue record descent
Home loan rates available to highly qualified borrowers have dropped to new lows yet again, according to Freddie Mac’s survey of lenders.

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  America’s New Champion Earnings Demographic

Posted by Chris van Avery on 23Sep10.

According to a new College Board analysis of how education levels affects economic success, there’s a new champion earnings demographic in America. Behold:

graduate earnings

Yup, you see that right. Asians as a group now appear to earn more on average than any other demographic. And based on the note, it appears Asians with less than a high school diploma are on their way to becoming a statistically insignificant demographic in America. 

Don’t bet on this having any impact on America’s diversity narrative, though.

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