Why Mideast “People Power” May Turn to Islam

Posted by Chris van Avery on 11Mar11.

Nader Hashemi lays out some of the reasons why many analysts with experience in the Middle East aren’t so optimistic about democratization leading to secularism in the Middle East:

Westerners recoil from the thought of religion intersecting with government. Our backdrops are the Wars of Religion in the 16th and 17th centuries, abuses by the Catholic Church, and intense intellectual, political and social battles over religious toleration. By contrast, Muslim societies have been shaped by different experiences.

For them, religion was often not a source of conflict but a tool to limit political tyranny by forcing sultans and caliphs to recognize certain limits demarcated by religious texts and scholars, who had a virtual monopoly on legal affairs. Rulers, meanwhile, won political legitimacy by respecting religious authorities.

Significant segments of the Muslim world today believe that religion is not the natural ally of despotism but a possible agent of stability, predictability and limited government. In many cases, modern Arab societies associate secularism with postcolonial authoritarian regimes that repressed their people in the name of secular Arab nationalism. Zine El Abidine Ben Ali’s Tunisia and Hosni Mubarak’s Egypt embodied this state of affairs. Thus for a generation of Arabs, secularism is linked to dictatorship, corruption and nepotism.

As a result, the turn to Islam by many Arabs as an alternative source for political inspiration and hope was both logical and natural. At the moment, reliable polling suggests that most Muslims oppose the idea that democracy requires Western-style secularism. Large majorities also support the idea that Shariah law should be a source of legislation (among others).

Mr. Hashemi stops short of predicting that newly free populations will turn to Islam. When looking at the forces these populations will have to confront–continued economic instability, youth bulges, rising food prices and ethnic and sectarian tensions–I, however, find it hard to believe they won’t turn to Islam.

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 08Mar11.

Blue warriors boost Gaddafi’s forces
GCC seeks no-fly zone as Libya battle rages
NATO Defense Ministers to Weigh No-Fly-Zone Plan Thursday
Obama: Military action against Libya possible
Libya said to have appointed new UN ambassador
America seeks Saudi help to assist rebels
Libya is Europe’s Job
Libyans should solve their problems themselves – Lavrov
China’s Prickly Gaddafi Ties
Yemeni Opposition: We Will Take To The Streets Until President Is Removed
Opposition vows to bring more Yemenis to street
Million woman march called for by Cairo activists
Egyptians prise open secrets of Hosni Mubarak’s state security headquarters
Egyptian Source: Security Apparatus Documents Burned To Destroy Evidence
Egyptian Islamist wishes to ‘see Israel wiped off map’
Bahrain Protesters Defy Police Order
Bahrain protesters appeal for U.S. backing
Bahrain crown prince calls for patience
Bahrain builds homes to quell protests
Saudi Authorities Release Shi’ite Cleric Who Called For Constitutional Monarchy
In Saudi Arabia, activists push more boldly for reform
Saudi clerics condemn protests as un-Islamic
As Unrest Sweeps across the Middle East, Al-Qaeda Steps Up Incitement against Saudi Regime
Saudis fear spread of lethal disease raging through Yemen
Oman sultan sacks ministers, dissolves economy ministry
Jordanian media calls for more freedom
Syrian Political Prisoners Start Hunger Strike
Lebanese women defy Hezbollah, demand justice
Kuwaitis to protest today for PM’s ouster
Iranian Official Calls On Hackers To Assist Regime
Iran Calls On U.N. To Investigate Western Crimes In Middle East
Zimbabwe Agrees To Sell Uranium To Iran
Qods Force Operation in Africa
Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Turkey To Issue Joint Tourist Visa
Iran Might Not Be the Big Winner of Mideast Uprisings
Arab revolt stokes Hamas militancy
Palestinian diplomatic status in the UK upgraded
Israel’s National Security Council Head Steps Down
After Libya, Egypt, And Tunisia, What Comes Next?
Turmoil jars U.S. counterterrorism efforts
How to Deal with Islamist Movements in Post-Revolutionary Regimes?
Tunisian prime minister names a new government
Tunisia dissolves secret police
Ivory Coast rebels seize control of 30-mile strip
Ivorian leader seizes cocoa trade
Sudanese militia clashes leave 56 dead
Ethiopia’s controversial dam project
Government by Assassination [Pakistan]
Zardari and Gilani attempt to quell Pak-US tensions over Davis
Beijing Has Bought Itself a Respite from Middle Class Revolt
China sees positive trend in ties with U.S.
Barack Obama to name Gary Locke as new US ambassador to China
Japan PM Naoto Kan faces fight for survival
Japan must develop nuclear weapons, warns Tokyo mayor
Former Fiji minister seeks asylum
Cries of betrayal over Irish coalition
France’s ex-president Chirac goes on trial for corruption
Mexican gun battles leave 18 dead

Report: Too many whites, men leading military
China’s Military Build-Up: How Bad Is It? What Should Be Done About It?
China’s Military Build-up: Implications for U.S. Defense Spending
Taiwan to Cut 9,200 Troops as China Ties Warm
Israel Considers Military ‘Upgrade’
Cybersecurity to be core requirement at Navy

Second battle of Okinawa looms as China’s naval ambition grows
China halts Philippines test ship
Russia to ratify maritime border pact with Norway within month – Lavrov

Case for saving coral reefs is economic as well as conservational
Study foresees a rapid and widespread extinction of species
China ready to quell disquiet over new environmental policies

Oil nears $107 a barrel; gasoline above $3.50
Tipping point for oil seen at $150 per barrel
Mideast Unrest Fuels Eurozone Crisis
China’s Revealing Five-Year Priorities
India: Economic Superpower in the Making?
Brookings: Making Sense of Food Price Volatility
Japan’s Trade Balance Falls to Deficit

Can We Avert a Social Security Disaster?
Obama restarts military trials at Guantanamo
Supreme Court opens way for prisoners to try to gain access to DNA evidence
US court blocks atheist ‘God’ case

China Court Upholds 15 Year Imprisonment For Pastor Yimiti
China says Dalai Lama must reincarnate, can’t pick successor
Bogor Christians Hold Service in Disputed Church
Virginity Making a Comeback, Govt Data Says

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 05Mar11.

Libya: Fierce day of raids and clashes signals shift towards civil war
Exiled prince calls for airstrikes
Libya shows captured Dutch crew
Black Watch ‘on 24-hour standby’ to intervene if Libyan crisis worsens
Eyes Full Of Terror, A Gun To His Head, The Tables Are Turned On One Of Gaddafi’s Boy Soldiers
Libyan Evacuations Slow
Pro-Gaddafi forces prevent crossings on Libyan border -UN
Libyan opposition leaders to get advice from UK military
EU Could Deploy Ships to Enforce Libya Arms Ban
More Marines, sailors arrive at Crete base
UK seizes ship carrying $160M of Libyan currency
Turkey Diverges From Western Position On Libya
Forces ‘fire on Yemen protesters’
Yemen’s ambassador to Egypt attacked
Egyptian security agency stormed
Egypt’s new PM seeks legitimacy in Tahrir Square
Saudis mobilise thousands of troops to quell growing revolt
Shadow over House of Saud as ‘day of rage’ draws nearer
Sadrists Escalating Criticism Of Al-Maliki
Egypt to hold referendum on amending constitution March 19
Iraqis protest again, this time in ‘Day of Regret’
US and Israel blamed for Stuxnet
Large Bahrain Rally Pressures Leaders
Guardian: The Real Story of Bahrain’s Divided Society
Seven journalists arrested in Turkey
Uproar over journalists’ detention in Turkey
Turkey Becoming Russia of the Middle East
Interim Palestine State Weighed
Netanyahu wants 40% of West Bank under Israeli control
An Arab Strategy? Not as Hopeless as You Think
Special Commentary: Popular Movements in the Middle East and the Role of al-Qaeda
Iran Will Be a Tougher Nut to Crack
Will Jordan Become a Palestinian State?
The New Middle East
Algeria Opposition Joins Protest Wave
New Tunisian PM to appoint govt in two days
Tunisia Struggles With Migrant Influx
US begins relief operation for refugees in Tunisia
Ivorian city ‘resembles war zone’
Bhatti’s killing leaves Pak govt split wide open
Terror strikes mosque at Friday prayers; 10 worshippers killed
Nepal Maoists rejoin government
Chinese parliament opens with grand pledges
China’s dam-building will cause more problems than it solves
China to overhaul admin near India, Pak borders
China plans to track Beijing citizens through their mobiles
Is China a Superpower?
‘China invite’ to Kim Jong-il son
South Korea government websites targeted in cyber attack
Philippines to China: Explain Incident
Kurils: The great game in the Asia-Pacific
Russia, EU, U.S. could become guarantors of peace between Georgia, breakaway republics
Warming oceans and human waste hit Tuvalu’s sustainable way of life

China beefs up military spending
China Rejects Curbs on Nuclear Arsenal Expansion
Sailor charged with attempted espionage is held in Norfolk
Adm. cited in Enterprise investigation fired
Lawmaker: Allow alcohol for troops under 21
Senators push to increase PCS travel allowances

China Flexes Muscles in the South China Sea
Clinton says anti-piracy task force falls short
Applying Counterterrorist Methods to the Growing Threat of Piracy

The New Underclass and Obama
EU ‘backs away from 30% target’
U.K. Economic Data Turn Negative as More Cuts Loom

ObamaCare Judge to White House: Stop Stalling
Boehner pushes DOMA enforcement
A Response to “What Would Jesus Cut?”

Update: Ethiopian Muslims Kill Christian, Burn More Churches and Christian Homes in Ongoing Attacks
Russian Jews laud Pope’s new book as crushing anti-Semitism
Jewish groups oppose circumcision ban in US city
Vatican to Overhaul Sexual Abuse Canon Law

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 04Mar11.

Obama keeps military option on table
Gaddafi’s forces capture Dutch marines on rescue mission
Libyan rebels reject Chávez mediation offer
Rebels deploy around strategic Libyan oil port
Special Report from Inside Libya: Assessing Libyan Rebel Forces
International criminal court to investigate Libyan violence
Yemeni opposition suggests way out of crisis for President Saleh
Gulf States Plan Aid Package for Bahrain, Oman
Egypt’s prime minister quits after calls for purge
INTERVIEW : Egypt’s new guiding lights
Shi’ites stage protests in Saudi oil province
Saudi Shiites Call For ‘Day Of Anger’ In Kingdom
Mideast Revolts Shift Politics in Iraq
Arab Summit Meeting In Baghdad Postponed
Khamenei: Iran’s 1979 revolution is ‘main model’ for current uprisings
Ahmadinejad: U.S. Administration Preventing Reporting Of Rioting In U.S.
Sheikh Al-Qaradhawi: Islam Commands Us To Remove Oppressing Ruler
Israel: No Palestinian peace deal possible now
PM praises Pope for clearing Jews of Jesus’ death
Gaza banks close because of Hamas robberies
Egypt, Sudan Reject Agreement To Share Nile Waters
Ivory Coast on brink of civil war as seven women killed at protest march
UN: 200,000 People Flee Ivory Coast Fighting
Tunisia president calls election
Pakistan: CIA Man Has No Immunity
Pakistan drugged out on defense and debt
India anti-graft chief forced out
Bid to boost India-Asean trade
China To Unveil Defense Budget To Nervous Region
Why the Middle East Has China Nervous
Japan scrambles jets in islands row with China
Fog lifts on Myanmar-North Korea barter
4 N. Koreans to resettle in South, 27 to return home
Russia Fears China, Not Japan
Clinton confirms plans for missile base in Poland
Fatal Shooting at Frankfurt Airport: German Investigators Suspect Islamist Motives behind Attack
Facebook Jihad: The Radical Islamist Roots of the Frankfurt Attack
Calderon: WikiLeaks caused severe damage to U.S.-Mexico relations
Food Prices Reach Record High
Three Horsemen of the New Apocalypse

Assessing the Strategic Readiness of US Armed Forces
Navy reveals findings of Enterprise video probe
Russia’s GLONASS Positioning System Cannot Work Properly
Russia tests 2nd prototype of fifth-generation fighter
Harvard to allow Navy ROTC chapter on campus

China Confronts Philippine Vessel
Iranian navy ships re-enter Egypt’s Suez Canal
Russia ready to pay 1.5 bln euros for Mistral contract – Defense Ministry
U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Midgett Nabs Drug Submarine

Greenspan: Surge in Gov’t ‘Activism’ Hampering Recovery
European Central Bank warns it may raise interest rates
Why The Dollar’s Reign Is Near An End
Rising Cost of Health Care Is Global Issue

GOP Takes Upper Hand With Budget Smackdown
States Overestimate Revenue, Now Look to Fill Gap
Ohio Senate OKs public union limits
Federal Eye: Majority backs government workers in unions, poll shows

Pakistani Christians protest after assassination of Shahbaz Bhatti
Pakistan media warn of growing chaos after Christian minister slain
Pakistan: Silence has become the mother of all blasphemies
Ethiopian Muslims Burn Down Five Churches, More Attacks Feared
Christian Copts Demonstrate Against Governor in Upper Egypt
Egypt’s Christians in Al-Qaeda’s Sights
Christian human rights lawyer reported kidnapped in China
Turkey: The right to have places of worship – a trapped right
Rights group appalled by situation of Bangladesh religious, ethnic minorities
Indonesia region curbs Ahmadiyah
Antisemitism: the hatred that refuses to go away
Chicago Tribune: State probes religious foster care agencies over discrimination
NEA Rep to UN: Teach Kids Orgasms & Free Them from Religion

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