Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 02Apr11.

Libyan rebels say they would accept cease-fire if Gaddafi lifts sieges, allows protests
Libya rebel truce offer spurned amid battle for Brega
More disciplined Libyan opposition force emerging
Germany: ‘Libyan situation cannot be resolved militarily’
Swedish Parliament OKs 8 Jets for Libya Operation
EU approves possible military operation for Libya
Mass crowds flood streets and squares in biggest protests yet against Yemeni president
Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh digs in as rival protests rock Sana’a
Nine Syrian protesters shot dead
Syria’s Brotherhood Rejects Any Intervention
Pro-Syrian Lebanese Daily: Syria Considers Al-Hariri Responsible for Riots in Syria
UN nuclear agency inspects Syria’s Homs site
Jordanian Police Move to Separate Rival Protests
Report: Saudis challenge Iran in Bahrain having lost faith in U.S. leadership
Saudi Islamic Scholar Muhammad Musa Al-Sharif: The Day Is Coming When Islam Will Rule the World Again
Saudi Arabia’s anti-protest fatwa is transparent
In Saudi Arabia, New Restrictive Guidelines For Girls’ Schools’ Outings
Bahrain wages unrelenting crackdown on Shiites; raising sectarian tensions on tiny island
Thousands fill Tahrir Square to call for trials of Mubarak regime figures
Egyptian Authorities Arrest Salafis For Demolishing Sufi Shrines
Thousands Of Islamists Due To Return To Egypt From Abroad
The Muslim Sisterhood: Visions of Female Identity in the New Egypt
Kuwait Expels Two Iranian Diplomats On Espionage Charges
Oman’s security forces fire tear gas on protesters in unrest hub
Officials: Suicide bomber strikes Iraqi soldiers protecting mosque, kills 3 people
Political Initiative To Bring Down Al-Maliki’s Government
U.S. Baghdad Embassy Will Double in Size: Envoy
New Tensions in Kirkuk as Kurdish Peshmerga Surround City
Middle East Revolutions Strengthen Hezbollah
Turkey kills 7 Kurd fighters crossing from Syria
Israel asks UN to help block planned Gaza flotilla
What’s beneath the Temple Mount? (Smithsonian)
The Latest Archeology War Over Jerusalem
Islam and the Arab Revolutions
Bodies of 1,000 dead in Japan too toxic to handle
Chinese student’s death prompts online outrage
Taiwan still matters
S. Korea’s Lee Says N. Korea Not Sincere on Talks
Police fire tear gas on protesters in Tunisia after Islamist group demonstrates
Ivory Coast rebels surround Gbagbo palace
Reports: Over 1,000 Killed In South Sudan
Both North and South infiltrating Sudan oil region as secession date approaches
More North African Dominoes May Fall
Afghan government plans crackdown on revealing wedding dresses
No way to halt tsunami as rethink urged on return
World court throws out Georgia case claiming ethnic cleansing by Russia, separatist militias
Italian anarchist group claims parcel bomb intercepted at Greek prison
Portuguese called to polls after finance stalemate
Europe Had Better Wake Up
Evictions, cash payments induce thousands to leave Haiti’s squalid earthquake settlement camps
Argentine judge rules that Turkey committed ‘Armenian genocide,’ orders help for descendant
Sites hit in massive web attack
Faith Diplomacy’s Importance Is Growing

From weapons to ‘wall of water,’ new system is a window into security amid pirate threat

Japan’s Crisis Bolsters Its Military
China Boosts it Amphibious Options
Executive officer fired at Singapore command

Unemployment falls to two-year low
Our Workforce Lost 2.33 Million People in One Year?
Wages Fail to Keep Up With Inflation
Auto sales up 17 percent with economy, but buyers are downsizing
Construction spending falls to lowest level since 1999

Boehner: Time for Democrats to get serious on budget
GOP Reps Introduce Bill to Make Sure Troops Get Paychecks if Government Shuts Down
Obama sells energy gimmicks
We’ve Become a Nation of Takers, Not Makers
Increasing Domestic Oil Production

Pakistani Christians Suffering After US Pastor’s Koran Burning
Bangladeshi Lay Minister’s Home Destroyed
Kazakhstan: Punishments for worship meetings re-start
Nepal: Evangelism Ban?
Scholars Doubtful About Metal Plate Documents’ Authenticity

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 01Apr11.

Libyan envoy now supporting opposition says most high-rank Libyan officials trying to defect
Britain in talks with 10 more Gaddafi aides
Gaddafi ‘not at breaking point’
Gaddafi warns of ‘out-of-control’ Christian-Muslim war
UAE and Qatar pack an Arab punch in Libya operation
Al Qaeda’s Libya Pilgrimage
Bulgaria sends warship to join operation against Gaddafi regime
U.S. mulling ‘all types of assistance’
Turkey says arming Libya rebels could spawn terrorism
Yemen leader ‘must leave country’
Family of Leader Stalls Yemen Talk
Assad faces new test with ‘Day of Martyrs’ protests
Syria announces step toward lifting emergency rule
Syria: the boldness of Bashar al-Assad
Bahrain security releases prominent blogger after holding him a day in custody
Iran-backed Shi’ites seen quietly plotting next move in Bahrain
Hezbollah denies training Bahraini protesters
In Saudi Arabia, Calls For April 22 Day Of Rage
Saudi strategist to Gulf states: Time to go nuclear
Saudi Nukes in Gulf
Jordan’s would-be revolutionaries express pessimism
Jordan’s pro-king supporters deny link to protest violence reported by Human Rights Watch
Egypt’s Top Spy a U.S. Concern
Egypt: Fears of Salafis and calls to divorce religion from politics
Qatar’s Quest to Become the Leading Arab State
Kuwait Cabinet resigns over Bahrain crisis
Kuwait says Iranian Guards behind spy cell
The Danger of a Tehran Winter
Turkey learns rules of the game in Iraq
Hamas expected to block Abbas visit to Gaza Strip
Israel releases army map showing nearly 1,000 purported Hezbollah underground military sites
Israeli government foresees armed conflict with West Bank Jews
Package with white powder closes US consulate in Jerusalem
Guards beheaded at NATO terminal in Afghanistan
India population count hits 1.2bn
Pakistan Islamist chief targeted
Sri Lanka web editor is arrested
Warning on Japan evacuation zone
Japan mobilizes 100,000 troops for tsunami recovery in biggest mission since World War II
‘Japan finds nuclear radiation above legal limit in meat’
Farmers block road for days until paramilitary troops defuse large China protest
China rounding up dissidents ahead of leadership change
China hits out at Japan’s claim to Diaoyutai Islands
Beijing bomb suspect tells court he was aiming for ‘a foreigner’
Can China Remain a Low-Key Superpower?
Taiwan Too Precious for U.S. to Sacrifice
Choose dialogue or war, North Korea tells South
Medical aid for N Korea
South Korean activist sends propaganda balloons to North Korea despite retaliation threats
More Indonesian Islamists resorting to violence, anti-terror agency says
Ivory Coast PM: Gbagbo has until 7pm (an hour ago) to resign
In Ivory Coast, Gbagbo’s Forces Defect En Masse: Reports
Tunisian rescuers retrieve bodies of 27 migrants in waters off Mediterranean coast
China’s New Imperialism in Angola
How Russia will matter beyond energy and minerals
Russia’s Arctic Opening
Harsh Measures only Strengthen the Insurgency in Dagestan
Swiss nuclear lobby hit by bomb
German police say they foiled Dortmund stadium bomb plot
Mail bomb defused at maximum security prison in Greece where parcel-bombing suspects are held
Italy hits out at neighbours over north African migrant influx
Australia warns Bali bomb arrest could spark attacks
2nd Mexican attorney general under President Calderon resigns; Departure follows leaked cable
Outbreak of ‘superbugs’ in Alabama hospitals
Farmers Chase High Crop Prices

UK: Somalia piracy ‘out of control’
Authorities in Awe of Drug Runners’ Jungle-Built, Kevlar-Coated Supersubs

U.S. Gunships Will Be ‘on Standby’ in NATO’s Libya War
GatesFAIL: How Hope Became Military’s Plan in Libya
NATO After Libya
US Marines being sent to Japan for nuclear response
State Blocks Taiwan Arms
China’s military, under fire over transparency, seeks to build trust with neighbors
China eyes US military expansion
China’s Army Chief Of Staff to Visit U.S.
No Good Men, Weapons or Understanding of Modern Warfare in Russia
Thai navy joins flood rescue mission
10 hurt after Hornet engine catches fire
F-35 training wing commander fired
Budget impasse stressing troops, forcing cuts
Must Every Carrier be a Supercarrier?

Strong magnitude 6.4 earthquake strikes near Tonga; no reports of injuries, damage or tsunami

Wal-Mart US CEO To America: “Prepare For Serious Inflation”
Oil price jumps on supply fears
Europe Tackles Debt, U.S. Ignores It
Increase in eurozone interest rates would be ‘disaster’ for Spain, warns Catalonia’s economy minister
Irish banks need extra 24bn euros
Colombia ‘Optimistic’ on U.S. Trade Deal
Trade with China Is Good for the United States

Boehner says ‘no deal’ on continuing resolution
Tea partiers warn GOP on dealmaking
Within Obama’s war cabinet, a looming battle over pace of Afghanistan drawdown
Entitlements Are Bankrupting the Federal Government
GOP plans $1 trillion cut to Medicaid
Ethanol Policies Leading to Higher Food Prices
Republicans grill DHS officials on FOIA, as report says agency delayed releasing documents
Several thousand demonstrate outside New Hampshire Statehouse against proposed spending cuts

Christian Group Says Indian Army Officers Played Role In Violence Against Christians
Iran: Arrest and Freedom of Two Christians in Ahwaz
Vietnam Clamps Down on Independent Christians, Report Says
Catholic Church: Internet Satanism increases demand for new exorcists
‘State Of The Plate’ Report: Donations At U.S. Churches Rise In 2010

  Weekend News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 27Feb11.

Rebels lay siege to Gaddafi stronghold
Libyan gov’t announces increase in wages, food subsidies
Gaddafi’s son talks of negotiation, ceasefire in Libya
Ferry with Americans aboard finally leaves Libya
Russia condemns Libya over use of force against civilians
UN orders Libya abuse investigation
West to Isolate Gadhafi
Benghazi ‘caretaker’ government to prepare democratic election in Libya
Libya’s entire Arab League mission resigns over Gaddafi violence
Libyan ambassador pleads to UN: Save our country
Libya Power Void Raises Terror Fears
Egyptian demonstrators return to Tahrir Square hours after violent crackdown
Egyptian army apologises for beating Tahrir Square protesters
Egyptian constitutional committee proposes shrinking presidential term
Egypt proposes competitive presidential elections
Muslim Brotherhood Reject U.S. Intervention In Libya
After Mubarak: Egypt’s Islamists Respond to a Secular Revolution
Analysis: The plagues of Egypt
Yemen Protests Reach Largest Numbers To Date
Protests grow as bomb boosts Yemen tension
Two more die after protests in Yemeni city of Aden
Two tribal chiefs desert Yemeni president
Iraq ‘Day of Rage’ protests followed by detentions, beatings
Attack shuts Iraqi oil refinery
Policy Alert: Protests in Iraq
Bahrain king dismisses three Cabinet ministers
Bahraini protestors demand more rights, king slow on concessions
The Battle for Bahrain
Jordanians protest slow reform, warn time running out
Oman king reshuffles Cabinet
Explosion Of Gas Pipelines Threaten Explosion Of Iranian Regime
UN Concerned About Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Ambitions
Iran to remove fuel from its first nuclear power plant
Iran Poised to Dominate New Middle East
Erdogan speaks out against UN sanctions on Libya
Three killed in clashes in Tunisia’s capital: Ministry
If the Saudis Revolt, Buckle Up
‘Syria evades IAEA request for access to nuclear site’
Israeli jets hit militant camps in Gaza
115 die in gov’t offensive on Somali militants
Man blows himself up with grenade outside Moscow supermarket
Russia to deploy units on Iturup, Kunashir Islands – defense minister
Why Russia Is Pressing Japan
Russian Rearmament: Moscow Fears China And Islamist Insurgents
Pakistan tells CIA it’s had enough
Pak arrests another US national, now on suspicion of espionage
Maoists Bring India to Her Knees
Smelling salts for China’s Jasmine dream
Pro-democracy leaflets released in North Korea
North Korea threatens to attack South Korea, US
Dozens injured as police, youths clash in Croatia
The price of food is at the heart of this wave of revolutions
The truth about Twitter, Facebook and the uprisings in the Arab world
How to bankrupt terrorism

Military Officials Dispute Claim Army Unit Was Directed to Manipulate Senators
In one of final addresses to Army, Gates describes vision for military’s future
Russian Duma ratifies U.S. Afghan transit deal

Russia confirms plans to supply Syria with Yakhont missiles
Syria and Iran agree to cooperate on naval training

US growth estimate revised down
Rising Oil Prices a Threat to US Recovery
Russia raises rate amid inflation

More than 200 certain to have died in New Zealand quake

Two-week measure may avert shutdown
States Should Use Constitutional Amendment to Rein in Federal Government

Islam and Politics in Egypt
Egyptian kiddie show: “Liberate Jerusalem from the disgusting Jews”
Islamic Jihad starts a full-time satellite channel today
With Libya in Turmoil, Concerns Grow Over Christian Minority
Gaza’s Islamist rulers hounding secular community
Rival clerics battle for control of seminary that inspired Taliban
Report: Indian Government Responsible for Attacks against Christians
Italy arrests 6 for stirring hate vs pope

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 14Feb11.

Army surround Tahrir holdouts, reportedly arrests leaders
Egypt: Doubts cast on Turkish claims for model democracy
Iranian opposition defies warning, calls for rally
Fresh violent protests rock Yemen
In Algeria, police flood streets to prevent Egypt-style revolution
Mideast Unrest Spreads
Yemen opposition agrees to resume talks with govt
China is world’s second economy
Iranian Senior Official: U.K. Ambassador Barred from Iran
Iran accuses the Mossad of being behind its drug trade
Syrian-Turkish Agreement to Collaborate against PKK
Turkey’s Opposition MP: “AKP Uses the Police as Revolutionary Guard”
South Korea detects fresh bird flu outbreaks
Italy ‘to send police to Tunisia’
Could Bahrain be next?

Nato seizes ‘pirate mother ship’

House GOP trims tens of billions more from Obama budget plan

Lots of people are starting to notice that the textbooks are full of it

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