Proof Not All Judges Are Stupid

Posted by Chris van Avery on 24Mar11.

Federal judge and former US Attorney General nominee Kimba Wood , overseeing a lawsuit against the music sharing service Lime Wire, has taken issue with record companies seeking $75 trillion in damages. Her opinion in rejecting the music companies’ claims is priceless.

If plaintiffs were able to pursue a statutory damage theory predicated on the number of direct infringers per work, defendants’ damages could reach into the trillions,’ she wrote. ‘As defendants note, plaintiffs are suggesting an award that is more money than the entire music recording industry has made since Edison’s invention of the phonograph in 1877.

In light of this, had the Nannygate thing not hamstrung her, she might have done a decent job as Attorney General.

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 02Mar11.

Gadhafi forces retake towns near Libyan capital
‘Al-Hayat’: Qadhafi Asks Tribal Heads To Stop Spread Of Protests – To Avoid Massacres
No-fly zone plan goes nowhere as US, Russia and Nato urge caution
No military intervention in Libya without UN: France
Clinton says Libya risks ‘protracted civil war’
UN: Libyan refugee ‘crisis’ tops 140,000
Libya outed from UN Human Rights council
Islamist IHH swoops into Libya’s vacuum
U.S. Backs Bahrain Royalty
Saudi Arabia sends tanks to riot-hit Bahrain – paper
Thousands back on Yemen streets
Yemen president blames Israel for Arab world unrest
Yemeni Islamist Leader Interjects Call For Islamic State Into Anti-Government Demonstrations
UN warns Yemen authorities against protest clampdown
Yemeni journalists threatened
Special Report from Yemen: The Looming Threat of Tribal War
Oman deploys army units fearing more unrest
Protests in Oman Sputter
Saudi Arabia Is Ripe for Revolution
Saudi Arabia’s subtle protests are serious
‘Damascus Declaration’ Organization Calls On Syrian People To Come Out Against Regime
Exodus From Libya May Hit Egyptian Economy
Brotherhood changes English website to appear moderate
Palestinians try to create ‘Facebook revolution’
In Gaza, Calls For Kidnapping Israeli Soldiers, Settlers
The “Egypt Effect” on Palestinian Politics
Iranian forces fire teargas, clash with protesters
Russia’s Lavrov urges restoration of trust in Iran
Moscow calls for nuclear weapon free zone in Mideast
Nationalism Resurgent in Arab World
Egyptian, Syrian Candidates To Run For Arab League Secretary-General
Israel’s Barak: Must look beyond Mideast risks
Turkey’s foreign minister says Israel’s human rights violations are the worst
Mass funeral for Turkish Islamist
Turkey: Kirkuk Is The Identity Of Turkmen, And Cannot Be Surrendered To Others – i.e. To The Kurds
Tunisia Defections Threaten Transition
Tunisia legalises Islamist group
Chinese hackers targeted Morgan Stanley in 2009
Reporters ‘must work with China’
A Jasmine tea transformation
China minister in corruption case
Balancing act in Asia: The U.S. does less; Japan does more
S Korea offers talks amid drills
U.S. considers resuming food aid to North Korea
North Koreans out of revolutionary loop
Vietnam Dissident Released on Bail
Burma’s generals attempt to prevent revolution by cross-dressing
Fury over Pakistan oil price rise
US competing with India to maintain leadership stature: Obama
Men to die for India train fire
Dowry wars: The big issue that has India divided
US warns Sri Lanka over war probe
Why Russia Is Challenging Japan Over Kurils
Russian border guards propose lifting visas for foreigners
Irish coalition talks under way
Plagiarism Affair: Defense Minister Guttenberg Resigns
UN says world leaders must act to stop systematic rape of girls in conflict zones
The Economist: A waxing crescent: Islam is growing. But ageing and slowing. That will change the world
IOC dismisses ‘racist’ logo claim

400 Marines to join Kearsarge near Libya
High Court rules for reservist in USERRA case
Report predicts ballooning defense budget
Russia Sets Arms Export Record of $10B
U.S. launches new missile shield for Europe
Prompt Global Strike Won’t Use ICBMs
Levin, federal workers slam Army’s move to put brakes on insourcing
Unified medical command could save $460m a year
Army swaps sit-ups for combat run in new PT tests

Pirates Threaten to Kill Danish Family if Rescue Attempted
U.S. Senator Proposes Legislation for Counter Piracy
Roughead: 2 carriers required in 5th Fleet
Destroyer CO, CMC fired during deployment

EU pledges €90m in climate funds for Pacific island states
Parched crops
Nations split on route to reduce emissions
Government hits out at EU fishing rules

Financial terrorism suspected in 2008 economic crash
Oil price rise ‘poses risk’ to US
U.S. Auto Sales Sizzle
Gold climbs on Libyan unrest, silver near 31-year high
Fed Chief Discusses Exit From Stimulus
Chinese Investment in the US $2 Trillion and Counting
China’s Troubled Transition to a More Balanced Growth Model
The Future of Chinese Growth
Corruption Threatens India’s Growth
Indian budget steeped in optimism
Why India & China Have Nothing on America

House passes bill to cut spending, avert shutdown
Corporate Tax Rate Is Major Barrier to Economic Growth
Obama says he will support letting states opt out of health-care law earlier
Billions in Bloat Uncovered in Beltway
Religious groups fight Obama on tax deductions
Regulators Push 20% Home Deposits
Key House Republican praises Obama’s housing plan
Democrats Seek Five Percent Cut in Senate Office Funds
Why Middle America Is Rejecting Big Gov’t
On Income Inequality and the Question of Justice

Clinton: Mideast religious minorities under threat
Christian Students Attacked by Muslim Mob in Ethiopia
Global Muslim population will continue to grow in next 20 years

  Security News Today – 9/28/10

Posted by Chris van Avery on 28Sep10.

Reconstruction Chief Quits, Putting ‘Civilian Surge’ in Doubt
Most observers of Afghanistan say the war doesn’t have a prayer if the U.S. can’t send a cadre of civilian experts — diplomats, engineers, farmers — to rebuild Afghanistan. But on Friday, the diplomat in charge of building that force quietly resigned.

The Next Nuclear Arms Race
If recent events are any indication, the world’s most vigorous nuclear competition may erupt between Asia’s two giants: India and China.

India seeks eased U.S. controls on sales of its defense technologies
India’s defense minister says U.S. export controls that restrict the sale of defense technologies to blacklisted Indian entities are a “matter of concern” and should be lifted soon. Ahead of his meetings in Washington this week, Arackaparambil Kurian Antony said he wants an “early solution” to the restrictions.

China-Japan row threatens five-year warming trend between old foes
The speed with which the fishing boat dispute turned ugly suggests how little has been achieved in China-Japan reconciliation over the past five years, say analysts.

Japan–China Relations: East China Sea Flare-Up
The Japan–China incident in the East China Sea has taught Beijing all the wrong lessons.

Is This The Start Of The Element Wars?
Warnings have already surfaced about water wars. Now the prospect of “element wars” is raising its ugly head. Chinese customs officials are blocking shipments to Japan of rare earth elements (REEs) and companies have been informally told not to export them, says The New York Times.

China Showcases Expeditionary Military Power in Peace Mission 2010
On September 9-25, Kazakhstan hosted the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Peace Mission 2010 military exercise, at the Matybulak training range in Zhambyl region, designed to showcase the organization’s capabilities against extremism, separatism and terrorism.

China warns Nobel official: Don’t honor dissident
The director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute said Tuesday that a high-ranking Chinese official warned him that giving this year’s peace prize to a jailed Chinese dissident would harm relations between Norway and China.

Iran struggling to contain ‘foreign-made’ ‘Stuxnet’ computer virus
Iran suspects that a foreign organization or nation designed “Stuxnet,” a quickly mutating computer worm that has been infiltrating industrial computer systems in the Islamic republic, a high-ranking official said Monday.

Al-Qaeda 2.0 Re-Emerges in Yemen
Yemeni soldiers streamed into the streets of the capital this weekend after a deadly attack on intelligence services by alleged Al Qaeda gunmen, underscoring the impact of what U.S. government officials and experts on terrorism say has become the world’s most active and dangerous offshoot of Al Qaeda.

NATO’s Relevance
“Is NATO irrelevant?” That’s a question that Harvard’s Steve Walt asked on his Foreign Policy blog last week and a major subtext of the NATO Beyond Afghanistan conference held yesterday at the Atlantic Council.

Crime Wars: Gangs, Cartels and U.S. National Security
As illustrated by the unprecedented violence in Mexico, drug trafficking groups have evolved to not only pose significant challenges to that country, but to governments and societies across the Western Hemisphere, including the United States. Crime Wars: Gangs, Cartels and U.S. National Security surveys organized crime throughout the Western Hemisphere, analyzes the challenges it poses for the region and recommends the United States replace the “war on drugs” paradigm with comprehensive domestic and foreign policies to confront the interrelated challenges of drug trafficking and violence ranging from the Andean Ridge to American streets.

Leaks in India’s submarine strategy
Internal divisions in India’s navy have led to critical delays in submarine deployments that threaten the country’s ability to meet undersea warfare challenges. Aside from the Chinese increasing their presence in the Indian Ocean, the overall lack of an immediate competitor has created a “leisurely” approach to implementing plans for a nuclear triad of air, sea and ground launch capabilities.

Greece searches North Korea arms ship headed for Syria
According to reports, Greek authorities search French-owned ship suspected of transferring carrying missiles and weapons.

Chris van Avery is an Asia-Pacific FAO and Military Professor at the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, and blogs on a variety of topics at The Yankee Sage .

  Politics & Culture News Today – 9/23/10

Posted by Chris van Avery on 23Sep10.

Judge gives feds deadline in gay ban court case
The government has until the end of Thursday to respond to a proposed worldwide injunction to halt the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy filed in a federal court by a gay rights organization.

US Government ‘hiding true amount of debt’
THE actual figure of the US’ national debt is much higher than the official sum of $US13.4 trillion ($14.3 trillion) given by the Congressional Budget Office, according to analysts cited by the New York Post. “The Government is lying about the amount of debt. It is engaging in Enron accounting,” said Laurence Kotlikoff, an economist at Boston University and co-author of The Coming Generational Storm: What You Need to Know about America’s Economic Future .

The Postcatastrophe Economy
Macroeconomic sage Eric Janszen makes a case that the same forces that caused the last economic crash will cause the next one too.

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