Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 21Mar11.

Libya bombing called successful, but questions remain about whether it will force Gadhafi out
‘Human shields’ used against allied assault on Libya
Libya hands out arms to people in defense against aggressors – Gaddafi
A glance at international military assets in or heading to Libya region
Turkey to take part in Libya operation
Iran warns Libyans of West’s ‘colonial’ aims
This Week at War: Quagmire Ahead
Yemeni president fires government
Saleh’s own tribe demands he quit
Bahrain opposition seeks talks with monarchy
Bahrain hospital on frontline in protest crackdown
Syria Justifies Saudi Military Intervention in Bahrain
Iran expels Bahrain diplomat in tit-for-tat move
Syrian protesters torch Baath party headquarters
Syria says it will free child prisoners after unrest
Syrian Cleric: Anti-Regime Demonstrations Are a Religious Duty
Using attacks on Syrians shows Assad’s vulnerability
Is this the Syrian spark?
Hundreds of security forces block Saudi protest demanding release of detainees
Vote shows Egyptians approve constitutional change
Egyptians set for summer elections
‘No doubt Egyptian army will honor peace with Israel’
Egypt rearrests Zawahiri’s brother after release
2nd Iranian plane forced to land in Turkey for inspection
U.S. Denies Report That It’s Mulling Strategic Dialogue With Hezbollah
Thousands of Moroccans stage new protests to demand political change
Morocco’s king avoids calls for regime change
Ethiopia at centre of global farmland rush
Japan dead, missing tops 21,000 amid atomic crisis
Tibetans vote for new political leader-in-exile
Haitians choosing president amid uncertainty, anger

Piracy Incident is Good News for China-South Korea Relations
The ‘blue national soil’ of China’s navy

Hamas deploying wire-guided anti-tank missiles?

Strong quake rattles the northern Philippines, no injuries or damage reported
King crabs invade Antarctica

Democrats Split on Social Security
A Staggering Absence of Leadership in DC

Pray for Japan, Worry for Europe

Explosion strikes near church in central Nigerian city troubled by religious, ethnic violence
Ethiopian Christians Flee After Church Burnings
Pope urges political, military leaders to consider safety of Libyans, prays for peace

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 14Feb11.

Ideology Shadows Fight to Rule New Egypt
Egyptian army set to ban labor strikes, report says
Friday Prayers Fed the Egyptian Revolution
Is the army tightening its grip on Egypt?
Ten Assumptions About Egypt Worth Discarding
Field Marshal Tantawi committed to status quo
Mubarak’s military vital to free elections
Hamas: Muslim Brotherhood more democratic than West
Egypt Should Take Its Time Building a Democracy
Iranian protesters call for ‘death to dictator’
Clinton praises Iran protesters
Hacker Collective Targets Iran Sites
More clashes in Bahrain and Yemen; calls in Iran to punish opposition leaders
Iraqis in Baghdad protest bad services, corruption
Fayyad dissolves Palestinian Authority cabinet
Palestinian Arab “democracy” in action
The World From Berlin: ‘The Revolution Isn’t Over, It’s Only Just Beginning’
Arab leaders to meet in Baghdad
Middle East leaders’ wives become target of rage
The roots of the uprisings can be found in Jordan too
Algeria sees state of emergency over in days
Tunisian migrants flee to Sicilian island
Iraq Diverts F-16 Budget for Food Rations
U.S.-Pakistan Row Intensifies
Momentum in Helmand is ‘shifting’
China Cracks Down On Uprising Chatter
Russia: Foreign Power May Have Disabled Satellite
Turkey’s Gul, in Iran, urges respect for people power
Egypt: Doubts cast on Turkish claims for model democracy
Turkish police search dissident website office
Turkey’s Opposition MP: “AKP Uses the Police as Revolutionary Guard”
Gul, army chief consult over plot trial arrests
U.K., Turkey Near Military Accord
Moscow Learns to Play by Asia-Pacific Rules
Australian Defense Strikes Delicate Balance With China
Suu Kyi’s party risks ‘tragic end’
Burma benefits as UK targets aid money on fight for democracy
Turkish-Armenian Accords Pronounced Dead By Yerevan
Anonymous claims to have Stuxnet access
Record snowfall blankets S Korea
More than 100,000 Italian women, supporters protest against Berlusconi

U.S. Deficit Expected to Spike
McConnell: Obama agenda is ‘over’

Debt now equals total U.S. economy
More Homeowners Underwater
Chinese inflation climbs to 4.9%
Oil jumps with Middle East unrest
Where and What Is U.S. Trading Internationally?

Gates sets new Pentagon bottom line
Mullen: U.S. depends on alliance with Israel
Ten Ships in U.S. Navy’s Budget Request
In defense of the Pentagon’s budget

HASC Seapower and Projection Forces Appearance
The World Still Loves Amphibious Ships
Royal Navy attacks Somali pirates
Colombia Captures Smugglers’ Submarine

Religious Actors Can Be Democratizers
Muslims are grappling with models of statehood
China: Harmony & War
Adultery Incorporated — The Infidelity Industry
Start-up Indiana church uses sex to sell message
Christian News Agency Ordered To Register With Hungary’s Media Authority
How Much Information Did God Put in Your DNA?

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 11Feb11.

Mubarak clings on as Egypt erupts in anger
Protesters: ‘He’s toying with us. I don’t think anybody is going to accept this’
Omar Suleiman tells protesters to go home
ElBaradei calls for military intervention
Middle East leaders react nervously to Mubarak’s defiance
Special Commentary: Egypt’s Lotus Revolution- Scenarios for a New Middle East
Egyptian Writer: ‘We Have Killed our Ruling Party, and Its Ghost is Coming Back to Haunt Us’
Beijing Wary of “Color Revolutions” Sweeping Middle East/North Africa
Nothing Inevitable about India’s Rise
North Korea sends SOS to world to feed its starving people
Bolivia leader flees food protest
Russia’s Muslim elite vows to tackle Islamist extremism
The US Threat Dominates Russian Defense Spending and Foreign Policy Decisions
Japan ‘Unwavering’ In Island Row With Russia: FM
Philippines And Muslim Rebels Revive Peace Talks
U.S. Spy Sats, Intel Budget Eyed for Savings

Malaysia Urged To Review $2 Billion Warship Deal
After Latest Seizure Of An Oil Tanker By Somali Pirates, Oil Supply Routes Now At Risk

Justice Dept. pushes states on voting rights
Maintaining American Military Power In an Age of Uncertainty
Will the Pentagon Always Be Able to Evacuate Americans from Hotspots?

Crisis Flummoxes White House
Analyst: U.S. Government Shutdown is Coming
House GOP calls for more spending cuts
The World’s Weather Isn’t Getting Weirder

Catholic college faces crisis of faith, labor laws
Wife-beating study shocks Buddhist Bhutan’s ‘happiness’ chief

  Security News Today – 10/8/10

Posted by Chris van Avery on 08Oct10.

Al Qaeda Is A Bigger Threat Today Than 10 Years Ago, Says Terrorism Expert
Al Qaeda is far more dangerous than it was 10 years ago, the former head of the CIA’s bin Laden unit tells Deutsche Welle in an interview. He is also worried about the increased domestic threat the West is facing.

Fears of a Coup in Iraq; U.S. Advises Politicians To Be Cautious
Iraqi political and security sources in Baghdad and the mid-Euphrates provinces have warned of a real danger of a military coup or of an attempt by Shi’ite military militias, associated with Iran, of taking control of the regime in Iraq.

Interpol issues arrest warrants for Pakistani military officers over Mumbai attacks
Dear Pakistani military officers Maj. Ali Sameer and Maj. Iqbal: You may want to delay that long-planned vacation to London. You see, Interpol has just issued warrants for your arrest over your alleged roles in the November 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Losing the propaganda war
Years of night-raids, wrongful and abusive detentions and perceived impunity have created a deep-seated distrust among Afghans towards Western troops, a new report finds. People not only blame international forces for civilian casualties, they widely believe these troops are supporting the insurgents to justify a continued presence in Afghanistan.

More likely to be India’s century than China’s?
A compelling analysis from The Economist on how India’s freer style of doing business, when combined with a huge and still unfolding demographic divided, could well trump China’s current star turn in the global economy.

Dumb power: China condemns Nobel Peace Prize
With apologies to FP’s Chinese readers, here’s an automated translation of Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Jiang Yu Quan’s reaction to the news of Liu Xiabo’s Nobel Peace Prize.

N. Korea pressing forward on nuclear program, report says
North Korea appears to be moving forward with a program to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons, a development that would enhance its ability to produce bombs and sell its nuclear weapons technology abroad, according to a report to be released Friday.

UK Navy To Reduce To Smallest Size Ever To Save Carriers
The Navy is set to be reduced to the smallest size in its history after admirals yesterday offered drastic reductions in the fleet in order to save two new aircraft carriers from defence cuts. Under the plans, the number of warships would be cut by almost half to just 25, with frigates, destroyers, submarines, minesweepers and all amphibious craft scrapped.

Stronger Hezbollah Emboldened For Fights Ahead
It was from this shrub-ringed border town that Hezbollah instigated its war with Israel in 2006, and supporters of the militant Shiite movement sound almost disappointed that they have not fought since.

Global Development Policy Directive: Misguided and Inadequate
“Smart power” has received its official stamp from the White House—but what does that really mean?

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