Looking for Reasons to Be Optomistic

Posted by Chris van Avery on 07Mar11.

I’ve been wading through a lot of bad news in the feeds for the last few weeks, and searching for a silver lining. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any of the non-Biblical variety to be found.

I must say I have a profound, very-Biblical feeling that we’re going to look back on 2011 as the first of many bad years.

  What Stories on Unemployment Don’t Say

Posted by Chris van Avery on 04Mar11.

One of Reuters’ business bloggers drilled down in the “ great ” unemployment news that hit today, and found three disturbing things :

1. The U.S. labor force remains as small as it has been in a generation

2. More than 5 million Americans have disappeared from the job rolls

3. If the labor force was currently at 2007 levels, the unemployment rate would be a whopping 12 percent – the worst since the Great Depression.

Of course, that’s not preventing certain members of the Administration from shouting from the treetops .

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 25Feb11.

More Libyan Officials Step Down; More Gains For Rebels
Mercenaries gather in Tripoli for final battle
Libya Oil Output Down 75%
Libya calls western journalists ‘al-Qaida collaborators’
Egypt detains minister, TV boss
Egypt confirms assassination attempt on former vice president
Call For Millions-Strong Demonstration In Egypt
Muslim Brotherhood says Camp David already null and void
Saudi king shocked into popular measures
Saudi Arabia king accused of misjudged bribery in attempt to avoid unrest
13 killed in Iraq’s ‘Day of Rage’ protests
Iraqi Leader Urges Boycott of Protest
In Iraq, Senior Military Officer Arrested For Condemning Corruption
Bahrain Trade Union Joins Opposition
Bahrain: No arrest of opposition leader planned
Bahrain lawmaker accuses U.S. of being behind Arab revolutions
Young Palestinians call for protests on 15 March
Will Palestinians Revolt Too?
Iran’s Troubling, Triumphant Voyage
The War Over Containing Iran
Syria clamps down on dissent with beatings and arrests
Turkey Bids to Trump Iran
A History of Middle East Mercenaries
Obama Will Need New Mideast Strategy
US Interests In A Democratic Mideast
Algeria ends state of emergency
Putin says fears growing Islamic radicalism in North Africa
Somalia Begins Offensive Against Shabab
Zimbabwe charges 46 with treason for watching videos of Egypt protests
The United States Talks to the Taliban
U.S., Pakistan Military Chiefs Hold Secret Talks In Oman
China Promises to Rescue Citizens in Libya
4,500 Chinese escape Libya by sea; Americans stuck
Now, China woos east and central African countries
China’s Search for a Grand Strategy
Taiwan Reels From Spy Arrest
Scent of freedom in North Korea
Kidnapped Indian official freed
India’s America Obsession
Russia says U.S. meddling in Kuril dispute ‘unacceptable’
The Separation of the North Caucasus from Russia: Is it A Growing Possibility?
Is Russia a Revolt Away From Freedom?
Saudi man charged with US bomb attempt

Another Runaway General: Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators
The Case for Reviving the F-22 Fighter
Russia plans $650bn defence spend
Russian Rulers Cannot Rely On The Military During a Crisis
Arms Sales for India
Ukraine ‘interested’ in European missile defense – NATO chief

Mullen: US to continue anti-piracy efforts
United States Naval Institute: An Open Letter From Norman Polmar

Saudis hold talks with refiners amid warnings of oil crisis and rationing
Welcome to the Era of Expensive Oil
Consumers Start to Feel Pinch From Higher Grain Prices
China’s Turning Point
GM in profit as rebound continues

New Zealand quake toll 98; 226 missing
China Is a Green Superpower

Where Is the Money Going to Come From?
No Silver Bullet for Unemployment
Police hunt Wisconsin Democrats

Imprisoned Afghan Christian Released from Prison
Religion coverage doubles … to 2 percent
Hawaii’s governor signs civil unions into law
Oklahoman: Embryonic stem cell study banned in bill
Tennessee Legislators Propose Elaborate Anti-Sharia Bills
Salvation Army reports Red Kettle record
Bailouts, Federal Debt, and the End of Responsibility Threat of Prosecution Remains for Some Christians Freed in Iran
Weapons training an act of worship: Bashir
Egyptian army fires at Coptic monastery
Egyptian Armed Forces Demolish Fences Guarding Coptic Monasteries
Christian School Set on Fire in India
Saudi Arabia gets ready to put order in its courts
Can Religious Liberty Become “Halal”?

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 24Feb11.

Libya: Civil War Breaks Out As Gaddafi Mounts Rearguard Fight
Gaddafi digs in as protests mount
All Libyan ports closed amid mass anti-government unrest
Libya threatens to treat western journalists as ‘outlaws’
India set for Libya evacuation
Arab League urged to condemn Gaddafi by angry protesters in Egypt
Italy sees 300,000 fleeing Libya turmoil
Can African Mercenaries Save the Libyan Regime?
Bahrain to go on nationwide strike if government refuses to resign
Two Protesters Killed at Yemen Rally
Yemen confirms ‘right to protest’
Yemen MPs quit president’s party
Mubarak’s one-time ruling party in disarray
Ousted police officers set fire to Egypt’s Interior Ministry
In Saudi Arabia, Call On Facebook For ‘Day Of Rage’
In Saudi Arabia, Reformers Intensify Calls For Change
Saudi king announces new benefits
Tehran steps up crackdown
Ahmadinejad slams Qaddafi, sees Mideast unrest engulfing world
Suspected Syria Nuclear Site Found
Netanyahu: Mideast instability may last for years
Israel’s Strategic Concerns over Upheaval in Egypt
Order Collapsing Fast in Middle East
Afghan security worst for 10 years, says UN
Reports indicate heavy fighting, losses in Somalia
China: Online calls for ‘Jasmine revolution’ continue
Chinese activists seized after call for ‘jasmine revolution’
China Pledges Effort to Revive Stalled Nuke Talks
China to execute four Uighurs in western region
China, Pakistan to enhance military ties
Indian trade unions rally over food prices
Warning on N Korea food shortages
North Korea ‘Preparing Nuclear Test’
Russian Leadership Prepares for a Protracted War with the North Caucasus Insurgency
Clashes erupt amid Greece strike
Rift in German-Israeli Association: German Politicians Under Fire for Criticizing Israel

U.S., Russia clash over shared missile program
U.S. And Canada Agree To Use Each Other’s Troops In Civil Emergencies
NATO to boost cooperation with Ukraine – Rasmussen
Pentagon Looks to Africa for Next Bio Threat

Oil surges nears $120 a barrel on Libya and Middle East fears
Oil could hit $220 a barrel, analysts fear
Prepare for a Saudi Oil Shock
Mideast Unrest Is Not the Only Cause of High Oil, Gas Prices
IMF warns of two-speed recovery

NZ quake toll 92, survivor hopes fade
Climate change halves Peru glacier
China’s weather forecasters reluctant to confirm rumours of rain
Coral reefs heading into crisis

GOP floats $2 billion a week in cuts
Serious Solution to Balance Budget Requires Less Spending

Attorney General: Gov’t will no longer defend Defense of Marriage Act
Coptic Christian priest killed in southern Egypt
Iran Detains Over 30 Christians; Others Released
Iraqi Supreme Court Interprets Constitutional Provision Barring Laws From Violating Settled Rulings of Islam
Vatican Tribunal Consultant Says Gov. Cuomo Should Be Denied Communion

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