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Posted by Chris van Avery on 25Mar11.

NATO To Take Over No-Fly Zone In Libya
UN: 100s have disappeared in Libya in past months
Libya’s Soviet-made arms may fall into hands of terrorists – expert
Libyan Quagmire: Is the US becoming the tribe that lost its head?
Germany, Russia learn high cost of abstaining
Why Turkey recalibrated its Libya stance
‘More than 100 killed in Syrian anti-government rallies’
Syria security forces on high alert; Southern tribes could spark mutiny in military
Syria mulls lifting state of emergency
‘Al-Quds Al-Arabi’: Syrian Regime Will Fight To The End, Like Qadhafi
Former Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Leader: Uprising In Syria Won’t Stop Until Demands Are Met
Syria presses search for oil as production declines
West Bank rejoices over terror attack
Gaza rocket attacks strike Israel
Israeli escalation slammed
Islamic Jihad warns against ‘Zionist aggression’
Israeli leader says fears growth of Islamic extremism from Mideast unrest
Jerusalem bomb seeds gathering storm
Mubarak supporters and opponents clash in Cairo
New Egyptian Bill To Limit Freedom To Demonstrate
Egyptian army forces women protesters to take “virginity tests”
Egyptian Islamists won’t cap ambitions forever, Brotherhood leader says
Yemeni presidential guards clash with army
Leader of Yemen’s largest tribe sides with opposition, calls on president to step down
Yemeni president vows to defend himself at all costs
Yemeni President Nears Deal to Resign
Dubai police say they’ve stopped shipment of 16,000 small arms bound for Yemen
Worst and Best Case Scenarios for Yemen
The Unseen Hand: Saudi Arabian Involvement in Yemen
Yemen Collapse: Appropriate Role for the U.S. in the Yemeni Crisis
Economic Roots of Social Problems in Yemen
Bahrain village stages protest
Bahrain Foreign Police Add to Tensions
Bahrain Warns Iran on Interference
Hundreds of Jordanians set up protest camp in capital
King Abdullah and protecting the scholars
Witness – Searching for reforms in King Abdullah’s Saudi Arabia
In Iraq, Armed Groups Disarm, Join Political Process
Economists On Corruption in Iraq: ‘A Phenomenon At Its Pinnacle’
UN creates new post of human rights investigator to probe alleged abuses in Iran
Iran and Saudi Arabia cold war has entered a new era
The Coming Shia War
Qatar’s decision to send planes to Libya is part of a high-stakes game
200 Oman private sector workers protest for pay rise
Gulf States To Expel Lebanese Shi’ites
UN Official: Ivory Coast Death Toll Up to 462
Regional bloc condemns Ivory Coast attacks on West African residents amid political crisis
Kenya forces ‘cross into Somalia’
Supporters Of Tunisian Islamist Party Oppose UN Sec-Gen’s Visit
The North Caucasus Slips Further into Chaos
Bin Laden sets alarm bells ringing
Pakistan suicide bomber targets police station
China’s nuke exports to Pakistan to come under IAEA checks
Pakistan ‘crop shortage’ warning
Karachi fear over target killings
Number of dead and missing in Japan tops 27 thousand
China Sees Food Need Rising
Chinese democracy activist sentenced to 10 years in prison for inciting subversion
China ‘is to overtake US by 2030′
6 North Koreans seek asylum in South Korea after arriving by boat
North Korean leader Kim Jong Il sends $500,000 in quake aid to ethnic Koreans in Japan
North Korean diplomats to meet with former US officials in Germany for talks on nuclear issues
6 million North Koreans need food: UN
Over 60 dead, 90 injured in Myanmar quake
Nepal tackles ‘energy emergency’
Portugal crisis plunges European bailout summit into confusion
Putin and Medvedev Lead Opposing Coalitions in the Russian Elite
EU investigates cyber attack on officials, diplomatic service
Many Mexican media outlets set guidelines for coverage of drug war
California officials close ‘maternity tourist’ ward where 12 Chinese women and 10 babies found
Iranian hackers obtain fraudulent HTTPS certificates: How close to a Web security meltdown did we get?

Somalia-Coast Pirates Increase Their Loot, Violence As Security Falls Short

US European Command to troops: Avoid wearing uniforms when off base
Russia, Norway to hold joint naval drills in May
S. Korea Launches 3rd Aegis-equipped Destroyer
Germany scraps military conscription after 55 years; parliament approves historic step

Faster winds creating rougher seas

Oil rises above $106 in Europe amid Middle East conflict, US gasoline supply drop
World Bank: China can grow at 8% for 20 years

While Libya War Grows, Obama Team Denies It’s a War
This is War Lite, with No Leadership or Goals
As the Days Pass, My Alarm Grows
The neocons own no ideological monopoly on the use of force – or regime change
ObamaCare’s 1st Year Bad, But It’ll Get Worse
Unsustainable Budget Threatens Nation
U.S. Disability Insurance Program Running Out of Money
Reforming Higher Education
New census milestone: Hispanics to hit 50 million

Pakistan: Christians Killed
Christians in Fear after Qur’an Burning
Ethiopia’s Religious Divides Flare up in Violence
Egypt’s Christians Fear Radical Muslim Takeover
Islamic bloc drops 12-year U.N. drive to ban defamation of religion
Israel’s Messianic Jews Face Orthodox “Persecution”
When a ‘Christian America’ Meant Something Else

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 08Mar11.

Blue warriors boost Gaddafi’s forces
GCC seeks no-fly zone as Libya battle rages
NATO Defense Ministers to Weigh No-Fly-Zone Plan Thursday
Obama: Military action against Libya possible
Libya said to have appointed new UN ambassador
America seeks Saudi help to assist rebels
Libya is Europe’s Job
Libyans should solve their problems themselves – Lavrov
China’s Prickly Gaddafi Ties
Yemeni Opposition: We Will Take To The Streets Until President Is Removed
Opposition vows to bring more Yemenis to street
Million woman march called for by Cairo activists
Egyptians prise open secrets of Hosni Mubarak’s state security headquarters
Egyptian Source: Security Apparatus Documents Burned To Destroy Evidence
Egyptian Islamist wishes to ‘see Israel wiped off map’
Bahrain Protesters Defy Police Order
Bahrain protesters appeal for U.S. backing
Bahrain crown prince calls for patience
Bahrain builds homes to quell protests
Saudi Authorities Release Shi’ite Cleric Who Called For Constitutional Monarchy
In Saudi Arabia, activists push more boldly for reform
Saudi clerics condemn protests as un-Islamic
As Unrest Sweeps across the Middle East, Al-Qaeda Steps Up Incitement against Saudi Regime
Saudis fear spread of lethal disease raging through Yemen
Oman sultan sacks ministers, dissolves economy ministry
Jordanian media calls for more freedom
Syrian Political Prisoners Start Hunger Strike
Lebanese women defy Hezbollah, demand justice
Kuwaitis to protest today for PM’s ouster
Iranian Official Calls On Hackers To Assist Regime
Iran Calls On U.N. To Investigate Western Crimes In Middle East
Zimbabwe Agrees To Sell Uranium To Iran
Qods Force Operation in Africa
Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Turkey To Issue Joint Tourist Visa
Iran Might Not Be the Big Winner of Mideast Uprisings
Arab revolt stokes Hamas militancy
Palestinian diplomatic status in the UK upgraded
Israel’s National Security Council Head Steps Down
After Libya, Egypt, And Tunisia, What Comes Next?
Turmoil jars U.S. counterterrorism efforts
How to Deal with Islamist Movements in Post-Revolutionary Regimes?
Tunisian prime minister names a new government
Tunisia dissolves secret police
Ivory Coast rebels seize control of 30-mile strip
Ivorian leader seizes cocoa trade
Sudanese militia clashes leave 56 dead
Ethiopia’s controversial dam project
Government by Assassination [Pakistan]
Zardari and Gilani attempt to quell Pak-US tensions over Davis
Beijing Has Bought Itself a Respite from Middle Class Revolt
China sees positive trend in ties with U.S.
Barack Obama to name Gary Locke as new US ambassador to China
Japan PM Naoto Kan faces fight for survival
Japan must develop nuclear weapons, warns Tokyo mayor
Former Fiji minister seeks asylum
Cries of betrayal over Irish coalition
France’s ex-president Chirac goes on trial for corruption
Mexican gun battles leave 18 dead

Report: Too many whites, men leading military
China’s Military Build-Up: How Bad Is It? What Should Be Done About It?
China’s Military Build-up: Implications for U.S. Defense Spending
Taiwan to Cut 9,200 Troops as China Ties Warm
Israel Considers Military ‘Upgrade’
Cybersecurity to be core requirement at Navy

Second battle of Okinawa looms as China’s naval ambition grows
China halts Philippines test ship
Russia to ratify maritime border pact with Norway within month – Lavrov

Case for saving coral reefs is economic as well as conservational
Study foresees a rapid and widespread extinction of species
China ready to quell disquiet over new environmental policies

Oil nears $107 a barrel; gasoline above $3.50
Tipping point for oil seen at $150 per barrel
Mideast Unrest Fuels Eurozone Crisis
China’s Revealing Five-Year Priorities
India: Economic Superpower in the Making?
Brookings: Making Sense of Food Price Volatility
Japan’s Trade Balance Falls to Deficit

Can We Avert a Social Security Disaster?
Obama restarts military trials at Guantanamo
Supreme Court opens way for prisoners to try to gain access to DNA evidence
US court blocks atheist ‘God’ case

China Court Upholds 15 Year Imprisonment For Pastor Yimiti
China says Dalai Lama must reincarnate, can’t pick successor
Bogor Christians Hold Service in Disputed Church
Virginity Making a Comeback, Govt Data Says

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 01Mar11.

US repositions forces near Libya
Libya crisis: Britain mulling no-fly zone and arms for rebels, says Cameron
France sends aid to Libya rebels
Libya quashes protest in Tripoli
Gaddafi has lost control over oil, gas fields: European Union
Former Libyan Justice Minister: There’ll Be No Interim Government
Food prices spiral in Libya capital amid crackdown
Yemeni president says ready to form unity govt
Yemen President Rallies Tribal Support
Al-Maliki calls for early local poll
Iraqi Grand Ayatollah Al-Sistani Calls On Government For Serious Measures To Improve Country’s Situation
Protesters in Oman set supermarket ablaze
Omani forces block roads to protest site
Oman protests intensify as Sultan struggles to appease demonstrators
US urges restraint as violence hits Oman
Bahrain Is Roiled By Return Of Shiite
Bahrain protesters block Parliament
Barack Obama urges Bahrain to embrace reform
Bahrain dissidents feel it’s time for dialogue
Report: Iran opposition leaders moved to prison
Iran complains that London 2012 Olympic logo spells “Zion”
Iran’s Economy Shaken By Upheaval
America’s Anti-Iran Alliance in Tatters
Egypt issues Mubarak travel ban
Egyptian Coptic Pope: Demand Judicial Freedom For Non-Muslims In Egypt
Egypt could ban Muslim Brotherhood: Israel
Egypt Is Too Special for al-Qaeda to Stay Silent
Al Qaeda’s No. 2 incites Tunisians, Egyptians
In Saudi Arabia, Shi’ite Cleric Arrested; Closed Shi’ite Mosques Reopen
Salafi-Jihadists in Jordan to Protest for Release of Prisoners
Hezbollah Is Watching, and Waiting
Kurdish Rebels Revoke Cease-Fire
Erdogan remarks rankle Germany
Sidelined diplomats insist that “peace talks” remain the core issue in the Arab world
Arab Kings May Outlast Arab Dictators
Technology Review: Middle East Conflict and an Internet Tipping Point
Social Networking Sites – Weapon, Threat and Target
Tunisia Gets a New Prime Minister
Morocco protests fail to take hold
10 killed during clashes in Sudan
UN inspectors under fire in Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast Violence Escalates As Mediation Efforts Stall
Attempted Coup Thwarted In DR Congo
Post-Davis , 30 US spies halt covert mission, flee Pakistan
Strike over Balochistan missing
Indian spending to placate poor
South Korean war games prompt threats from North Korea
Protest spooks skittish China
Vietnam democracy activist held
Bailout fury triggers regime change in Ireland after 24 yrs
The Kremlin Spins Conspiracy Theories Explaining Revolutions Away
Russia, Norway to expand cooperation
Clash over Cuba dissident march
UN rights chief seeks world support for uprisings

As Gates plans exit, work piles up for his successor
India plans to increase defense spending by 11 percent next year
America’s last WWI veteran dies

Danish children seized by pirates
Somali pirates seize cargo ship with 23 crew
Madagascar Navy Rescues Pirated Vessal
Iran Naval Mission ‘Not Aggressive’, Says Admiral

Oil steady despite Saudi worries
India economy to sustain growth
Inflation Prompts Subsidy Spree
Jobs in peril as U.S. startups decline
US approves first deep-water well in Gulf
Is U.S. Manufacturing Dead?
Parents offer body parts to pay off kids’ loan
2050: Will ‘Chindia’ Rule, or US?
Japan’s output up for third month
World Population Prospects and the Global Economic Outlook
America Spends More on Education, Gets Worse Outcomes
The awful truth: education won’t stop the west getting poorer

China to slow GDP growth in bid to curb emissions
Barack Obama may be forced to delay US climate action
New Hurricane Model Will Broaden Who’s at Risk

Boehner: Debt a ‘moral threat’ to U.S.
Boehner rips bid to regulate Internet
Poll: Public Would Blame Democrats More for a Shutdown
Report: GOP Spending Plan Would Cost 700,000 Jobs
Governors Scramble to Rein In Medicaid
Social Security reform looms with or without Obama

Laos Christians Facing Starvation; Officials Cutting Off Food, Water
Chinese Government planning increased regulations on Christian worship
Murder of 70-year-old Christian in Baghdad raises fears of more attacks
Christian Annihilation – The Iraq War’s Collateral Damage
Hamas fights UN’s ‘poisonous’ Holocaust lessons in Gazan schools
Anti-gay Christian couple lose foster care case
Europe Stuttering Timidity in Denoucing the Persecution of Christians
Christianity Is Thriving Worldwide
Call to extend Catholic-Jewish amity to Islam
Suleiman the Magnificent TV drama opens Turkish divide on religion
Confucius: What’s in a Name?

  Maritime Strategy News

Posted by Yankee Sailor on 02Mar09.

Mullen on Iran: Nuke weapon capability exists

The top U.S. military official said Sunday that Iran has sufficient fissile material for a nuclear weapon, declaring it would be a “very, very bad outcome” should Tehran move forward with a bomb.

Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, offered the assessment when questioned in a broadcast interview about a recent report by the U.N. nuclear watchdog on the state of Iran’s uranium enrichment program, which can create nuclear fuel and may be sufficiently advanced to produce the core of warheads.

Mullen was asked if Iran now had enough fissile material to make a bomb. He responded, “We think they do, quite frankly. And Iran having a nuclear weapon I’ve believed for a long time is a very, very bad outcome for the region and for the world.”

State Department spokesman Robert A. Wood said Sunday that it was not possible say how much fissile material Iran has accumulated.

Mullen, Gates confident in pullout process

The top U.S. uniformed military official says he’s comfortable with the president’s decision on a troop pullout timetable from Iraq.

And Defense Secretary Robert Gates says he thinks it is “fairly remote” that conditions in Iraq will change enough to alter significantly President Barack Obama’s plan to withdraw U.S. troops.

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday” and CNN’s “State of the Union,” Adm. Mike Mullen says he was able to offer his best military advice to President Barack Obama. The Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman is reluctant to talk about “winning and losing” in Iraq. But he says the conditions are in place for the Baghdad government to successfully take control of the country.

Mullen says Obama listened extensively to the American military leadership and U.S. commanders in Iraq before announcing last week that the combat mission would end on Aug. 31, 2010.

JCS Chairman: North Korea watched closely

The U.S. is watching North Korea even more closely these days because of reports the North plans to test-fire a long-range missile.

The top U.S. military official says it’s an area of great concern. Adm. Mike Mullen says he would hope that North Korea would not be “provocative.”

The Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman notes that the North has launched missiles before. He says neither he nor Defense Secretary Robert Gates has made a recommendation about what to do if there is a launch. Mullen says any recommendations and policy decisions will come based on the timing and what the North does.

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