Pick for US China Ambassador Shoots Self in Foot

Posted by Chris van Avery on 18Mar11.

Here’s a free tip to Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, the White House’s pick to be our next ambassador to China: don’t hint you’ll break the laws of the country to which you’re being credentialed.

President Barack Obama’s pick to be the next US envoy to China said Thursday he “will consider” worshiping at a so-called Christian “house church” not formally recognized by Beijing.

“That is something that I will consider,” Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, whose confirmation by the US Senate is virtually assured, told a key House of Representatives committee at a hearing on his department’s budget.

Something tells me Beijing’s going to take a very dim view of this, and the Administration may be looking for another candidate in the near future.

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 25Feb11.

More Libyan Officials Step Down; More Gains For Rebels
Mercenaries gather in Tripoli for final battle
Libya Oil Output Down 75%
Libya calls western journalists ‘al-Qaida collaborators’
Egypt detains minister, TV boss
Egypt confirms assassination attempt on former vice president
Call For Millions-Strong Demonstration In Egypt
Muslim Brotherhood says Camp David already null and void
Saudi king shocked into popular measures
Saudi Arabia king accused of misjudged bribery in attempt to avoid unrest
13 killed in Iraq’s ‘Day of Rage’ protests
Iraqi Leader Urges Boycott of Protest
In Iraq, Senior Military Officer Arrested For Condemning Corruption
Bahrain Trade Union Joins Opposition
Bahrain: No arrest of opposition leader planned
Bahrain lawmaker accuses U.S. of being behind Arab revolutions
Young Palestinians call for protests on 15 March
Will Palestinians Revolt Too?
Iran’s Troubling, Triumphant Voyage
The War Over Containing Iran
Syria clamps down on dissent with beatings and arrests
Turkey Bids to Trump Iran
A History of Middle East Mercenaries
Obama Will Need New Mideast Strategy
US Interests In A Democratic Mideast
Algeria ends state of emergency
Putin says fears growing Islamic radicalism in North Africa
Somalia Begins Offensive Against Shabab
Zimbabwe charges 46 with treason for watching videos of Egypt protests
The United States Talks to the Taliban
U.S., Pakistan Military Chiefs Hold Secret Talks In Oman
China Promises to Rescue Citizens in Libya
4,500 Chinese escape Libya by sea; Americans stuck
Now, China woos east and central African countries
China’s Search for a Grand Strategy
Taiwan Reels From Spy Arrest
Scent of freedom in North Korea
Kidnapped Indian official freed
India’s America Obsession
Russia says U.S. meddling in Kuril dispute ‘unacceptable’
The Separation of the North Caucasus from Russia: Is it A Growing Possibility?
Is Russia a Revolt Away From Freedom?
Saudi man charged with US bomb attempt

Another Runaway General: Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators
The Case for Reviving the F-22 Fighter
Russia plans $650bn defence spend
Russian Rulers Cannot Rely On The Military During a Crisis
Arms Sales for India
Ukraine ‘interested’ in European missile defense – NATO chief

Mullen: US to continue anti-piracy efforts
United States Naval Institute: An Open Letter From Norman Polmar

Saudis hold talks with refiners amid warnings of oil crisis and rationing
Welcome to the Era of Expensive Oil
Consumers Start to Feel Pinch From Higher Grain Prices
China’s Turning Point
GM in profit as rebound continues

New Zealand quake toll 98; 226 missing
China Is a Green Superpower

Where Is the Money Going to Come From?
No Silver Bullet for Unemployment
Police hunt Wisconsin Democrats

Imprisoned Afghan Christian Released from Prison
Religion coverage doubles … to 2 percent
Hawaii’s governor signs civil unions into law
Oklahoman: Embryonic stem cell study banned in bill
Tennessee Legislators Propose Elaborate Anti-Sharia Bills
Salvation Army reports Red Kettle record
Bailouts, Federal Debt, and the End of Responsibility Threat of Prosecution Remains for Some Christians Freed in Iran
Weapons training an act of worship: Bashir
Egyptian army fires at Coptic monastery
Egyptian Armed Forces Demolish Fences Guarding Coptic Monasteries
Christian School Set on Fire in India
Saudi Arabia gets ready to put order in its courts
Can Religious Liberty Become “Halal”?

  White House Budget Prolongs Deficit Problem

Posted by Chris van Avery on 16Feb11.

Keith Hennessey maps out the projections in President Obama’s own budget, and the picture isn’t pretty:

I just have one question: where’s the “change”?

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 16Feb11.

Leading CBS journalist raped in Egypt
Egypt’s Military, Parties Begin to Prepare for Polls
Egypt army sets reform deadline
Egyptian army hijacking revolution, activists fear
Strikes Worry Egypt’s Military, Youth
‘Brothers’ in Egypt Present Two Faces
How Obama Lost the Egyptian People
Egypt Makes Russia, China Very Nervous
Protests escalate after deaths (Bahrain)
Bahrain’s ‘big if’
Clashes erupt in Yemen between pro- and anti-government protesters
Iranian MPs call for opposition leaders to be executed
US backs Iran protests as government calls for executions
Iranian Human Rights Council Sec-Gen: Egypt’s Military Commanders Are Under Influence Of CIA, Mossad
Saudi Website: Increased Security Alert In East Of Country
Tunisia extends state of emergency, lifts curfew
Tunisia: Italy to give €100m to stem flow of migrants
European Leaders Struggle with Wave of Tunisian Migrants
Four Israeli missions shut under threat
Syrian Teen Blogger Gets 5 Years in Jail
At least 211 killed in clashes in south Sudan
Caixin Online: China’s rice contaminated with heavy metals
More Clashes On The Thailand – Cambodia Border
South Korea troops mobilised after record snow
Public health worries after foot and mouth epidemic in South Korea
Explaining Kim Jong-il’s Tantrums
North Korea Frets Over Livestock Disease
U.S. Agents Shot in Mexico
Drug war leaves 18 dead in Mexican town
Clinton picks new US envoy to AfPak
Obama admin proposes $3.1bn for Pak
Will revolution spread to Pakistan?
Obama admin to cancel Voice of America China broadcasts
U.S. Delays Decision on TransCanada Pipeline
Food prices at ‘dangerous levels’
Expect Food Prices to Increase
Why Biofuels Help Push Up World Food Prices
Berlusconi to face trial in underage sex case
China, Iran push world’s tally of imprisoned journalists to 14-year high

A Weapon Of Mass Destruction Found In The U.S.?
Corps sets stage with 2012 budget request
Russia’s New Model Army: “Mobilization Reserves”

Somali pirates use captive crew to attack vessels: Hostage
3-star: Anti-carrier missile won’t stop Navy

Snow Damps Euro-Zone Recovery
Crop Prices Push Up Farmland Value
Tackling the Debt Crisis: Ministers Agree To 500-Billion-Euro Permanent Rescue Fund
French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde: ‘We Europeans Are All Being Put to the Test’
Japan’s economy ‘more positive’
UK inflation rate increases to 4%

UK’s shifting population placing environment under intense strain
World of Snow and Ice

GOP Pushes Biggest-Ever Cuts
U.S. Should Reform Corporate Tax Rates

Weekly Standard: Professional Islamists
Indonesian blasphemy law sparks Muslim violence in Java
Mass Malaysia Valentine arrests
Top Church Official Indicted In Philly Abuse Probe
Orthodox church sues over temple destroyed on 9/11
Growth stalls, falls for largest U.S. churches
Church Givers Also Give To Charities
Study: Post-grad degrees don’t lead to atheism
South Korea to restrict Christian missionaries in Islamic nations
Child With Missing Cerebellum Shows Power of Human Spirit
Undercover film shows pupils being beaten and taught hatred in Britain’s Muslim schools
Islamic group appeals Olympic site mosque

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