Weekend News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 28Mar11.

Libyan rebels recapture Ajdabiya
Libyan Rebel Commander Admits His Fighters Have al-Qaeda Links
Gates accuses Gaddafi of planting bodies after airstrikes
Libya: a make-or-break moment for Nato
Talks on future of Yemen’s embattled president hit snag, as leader refuses to go immediately
Suspected al-Qaida militants seize town in south Yemen, exploiting deepening political turmoil
Intelligence shows al-Qaeda branch in Yemen planning strike
In Yemen, onetime foes united in opposing President Saleh
Protesters shot as demonstrations expand across Syria
Pro Bashar Demonstrations in Aleppo; Shooting in Latakia; 20 Dead in Deraa; 10 Shot in Sanamin
Syria pulls troops from restive city after unrest
Syrian authorities release 70 political prisoners
Turkey urges Syria to carry out quick reforms as protests spread
Hundreds of Shiites protest in east Saudi Arabia
Loyalists of Jordan’s king take to streets to express support against protest movement
Egypt Adopts New Law On Political Parties Barring Parties Based On Religion
Turkey’s Kurds begin ‘civil disobedience’ campaign
Impatient Palestinians eye Arab world in flux
Sudan preventing food, health care from reaching Darfur, aid group says
Soaring prices stoke discontent in Sudan
Radiation spikes 10-fold near plant
Fukushima Raised To Level 6 On INES Scale: Now Officially More “Serious” Than 3 Mile Island
North Korea May Have Nuclear Warheads
Police attack opposition rally in authoritarian Belarus, dozens of protesters arrested
Bulgarian protesters give ‘red card’ to cabinet

Missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov may reinforce Russian Pacific Fleet in 2013 -Navy

McConnell pushes balanced budget
Justice Dept Backs a Muslim Teacher’s Haj

Uzbekistan: Christians Detained
State Department Lies About the Holy See

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 24Mar11.

Israel warns of ‘aggressive’ response to Jerusalem blast
Fayyad: ‘I resolutely denounce this terror attack’
Barak: ‘We can’t tolerate attacks on Israelis in South, J’lem’
‘PA police arrest 2 Islamic Jihad members for J’lem attack’
Islamic Jihad To Hit Cities Deep Inside Israel, Group Says
Is a Palestinian Uprising Next?
Islamic Jihad hits Beersheba
Israel stages air strikes on Gaza, none hurt: Witnesses
Islamic Jihad admits the purpose of the rockets is terrorism
Allies Target Gadhafi’s Ground Forces
Row over role of Nato splits coalition forces
Libyan Rebels Foresee ‘Democratic, Secular’ Regime
Obama rules out `land invasion’ in Libya
Arab League Removes Libyan President of Arab Parliament
Turkey warns over Libya ‘agenda’
Nato role unsettles Ankara’s ambitions
Turkey offers warships to help implement UN arms embargo against Libya – media
The Arab allies trickle in
Libyan Expats Plot Revenge Terror Attacks On UK Streets Over Gaddafi Bombing Raids
The consensus on intervention in Libya has shattered
Stalemate could become hallmark of civil war
The Damning Contradictions of Obama’s Attack on Libya
Shi’ite rebels step up attacks in Yemen, down government MiG
Mass protests in Yemen as emergency law imposed
Yemeni Military Leader Tied to Terrorism Pledges to Protect Protesters
In Yemen Opposition, Reflections of Old Regime
Gates: No plan for post-Saleh Yemen; US will continue to watch unrest there
US fears for forces waiting to run Yemen
Assad sends special forces against protesters
Syria: The Government Takes off its Gloves: 15 Killed
22 in Bahrain face probe over role in protests
Bahrain protest crackdown defended by European Union envoy
Bahrain Crisis and its Regional Dangers
Jordan’ king blames his PM of slow reform, says he will not tolerate delays
In Jordan, Youth Movement Calls For Amman Sit-In
Egypt’s public prosecutor accuses top security officials of killing protesters
U.S. Says Egypt Vote Shouldn’t Be Rushed
Saudi newsite: police holding some 100 people who protested against government this month
Prominent Salafi-Jihadist Cleric Calls on Mujahideen to “Light the Fuse of Revolution” in Saudi Arabia
Saudi King: Don’t Call Me King Of Humanity – Only Allah Is King
Kurdish governor of Iraq’s Kirkuk resigns
In Iraq, Assassinations Of Military Officers Using Weapons With Silencers
Iraq Unveils Plan to Boost Oil Output
Iraq’s Regional Awakening
UAE boosts military pensions, seen pre-empting unrest
At Last, Arabs Seize the Moment
Tribal Power or People Power in Mideast?
Middle East: Let Them Eat Bread
Moroccan FM warns West that Al Qaeda could exploit ME
North-south Sudan flashpoint sees troop increase
Thousands of Afghan Taliban laying down arms: US
General warns of Taliban fightback
India to probe police ‘rampage’
India Could Face Water Woes In Coming Decades
Smoke forces nuke plant evacuation
Tokyo tap water unfit for infants; radiation warning on 11 vegetables
Radiation Risks Minimal in Tokyo Water
Nuclear fears shut 25 embassies in Tokyo
Hong Kong blocks food imports from 5 Japanese prefectures over radiation concerns
China railway funds ‘embezzled’
China Starts Censoring Phone Calls Mid Sentence
China and the Arab World
South Korea Announces Major Live-Fire Drills
S Korea criticised over Cheonan
Malaysia Gets Tough on WMD
Al-Qaeda-Affiliated Indonesian Group Charged With Funding Terror Camps
Why America No Longer Gets Asia
Bomb threat and suspicious package lead to brief evacuation of France’s Eiffel Tower
Portugal faces bailout over debt crisis vote
New Phase in Europe Crisis
Caribbean governments report mixed results as UN holds regional drill on tsunami preparedness
U.S. agencies respond to cyberattack on information security firm
Building Blocks of Successful Revolutions

Pirates ‘show Danes to reporter’

Who Sold Libya Its Supermissiles?
50% Success Rate in Latest Taiwan Missile Test
Naval strike aircraft to be part of Russian Air Force
Bataan ready group deploying today from Norfolk
DoD Brass Expect More Cuts
Pentagon Studying Additional Nuke Reductions

Quake causes $312 bln damage to Japan – govt.
Survey says U.S. financial house in state of disorder

Former White House Economists: Deficit Is ‘Severe Threat’
Republicans out to trim welfare again
Aging Population Is Biggest Challenge for Federal Budget
An Accelerating Downward Spiral
Why Libya and Not Darfur, Yemen or Syria?
Revisited: The Drumbeat of “Humanitarian Intervention?”

Near-genocide Conditions for Iraqi Christians, Archbishop Says
Pakistan’s Religious Minorities Want Independent Investigation of Bhatti’s Murder
Egyptian court sentences man to 5 years prison for throwing makeshift bomb at Cairo synagogue
Two Christians Slain in Attack Outside Church in Pakistan
US Embassy In Pakistan Condemns Florida Pastor’s Burning of Qur’an
A House Church in China raided by police
Malaysia backs down on bible issue
Ethiopian Jews in Jerusalem still not assimilated after two decades
Church Leaders, Parents Charged With Child Abuse In “Biblical Punishment” of Their Children
Vatican: Those who oppose gay rights are ‘vilified’
Church must ‘speak out against sexual violence’ in Africa

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 18Mar11.

UN atomic agency says Japan situation ‘very serious,’ but not deteriorating significantly
White House declines to endorse Japanese government crisis response
More smoke rises from Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant
Cable reaches Japan nuclear plant
Radiation plume likely to reach California today
Dearth of Candor From Japan
UN security council backs Libya no-fly zone and air strikes
Libya crisis: Britain, France and US prepare for air strikes against Gaddafi
Libyan rebels prepare to defend main stronghold as Gadhafi’s forces besiege closest major city
Gaddafi threatens retaliation in Mediterranean as UN passes resolution
Europeans say intervention in Libya possible within hours of U.N. vote
China expresses ‘serious reservations’ about UN resolution on Libya
Bahrain arrests opposition leaders after crackdown
Bahrain’s Kleptocracy in the Crosshairs
U.S. Navy: Fifth Fleet operations ‘remain normal’, evacuation optional
Rally set for Friday in DC protesting Saudi military’s incursion into Bahrain
Eighty-four wounded in new anti-gov’t clashes in Yemen
Saudi king warns against unrest
Why the Saudi Dynasty Will Endure
Egypt’s ‘Youth Of The Revolution’ Call For A Stop To Demonstrations In The Country
Egyptians fear that even after agency disbanded, agents of secret police could be a threat
Egypt releases brother of Al-Qaeda’s Zawahiri
Jordanian King: We’ll Hold Early Parliamentary Elections
Syrian VP: Significant Reforms In Syria On The Way
Organizers Of Qatar Revolution: We Failed
Reports: WMD components intercepted en route to Iran
Iran Reformist Party Outlawed
Shiites in Iraq’s holy city of Karbala rally against Saudi-led Sunni troops sent to Bahrain
Turkey detains 20 suspected members of anti-Erdogan militant group
Turkey sends aid to Russian Far East
Barak warns ‘tsunami’ of sanctions awaits Israel
White House appears reluctant to take hard line with Arab monarchies
The Region: A model for unrest against Israel?
Muslim World: Revolution! (for Muslim Arabs only)
The Arab counter-revolution is winning
Time to Lead in the Middle East
U.S. Silence on Middle East Turmoil Hurting the West
For Want of a Strategy
Armenian opposition marches on Yerevan’s central square
Shelling kills 12 in Ivory Coast market
South Sudan army clash with heavily armed militia
Clinton presses Tunisia on democratic reforms after revolt that shook broader Mideast
Unusually deadly US strike kills 38 near Afghan border; Pakistani officials argue over dead
Pakistan army chief condemns U.S. drone attack
Pakistan anger over Davis release
Editorials in Pakistani Dailies Warn of Expanding Middle Eastern War
When Tribes Go to War in Pakistan
Tibet monk death ‘sparks protest’
Panic buying of salt sweeps Beijing, parts of China in wake of Japan nuclear crisis
China: The Next Nuclear Meltdown
Narco-capitalism grips North Korea
Mekong Damned in Laos
Rioters torch buildings, try to escape immigration detention center off Australian shores
Drug-resistant TB threat grows in Europe
Jean-Bertrand Aristide defies US by heading back to Haiti
Venezuelan officials say swine flu cases detected, 1 person dies

Roughead says Russian, Chinese navies growing
America’s Navy and the rise of China
China Outpacing India’s Military
Iran test fires latest space rocket — IRNA
Russian Military Considers the United States its Main Enemy in the Far East
Russia may lose $6 bln on Algeria, Syria arms contracts – expert
Diversity panel wants military to look like U.S.
U.S. Navy Orders Two More Littoral Combat Ships
Navy stops moving sailors to Japan

Deadly heatwaves will be more frequent in coming decades, say scientists

Shockwave-Generating Wave Discs Could Replace Internal Combustion Engines

US Backing For World Currency Stuns Markets
US inflation rate picks up speed
Inflation Rears Its Ugly Head
Average rate on 15-year mortgage falls below 4 percent, first time since mid-December
Economic Aftershocks From Japan
G7 agrees concerted action to tackle threat of rising yen
India Central Bank Raises Key Rates

House rejects quick drawdown from Afghanistan
Congress passes second bill to avert shutdown
Democrats’ Proposed Cuts Amount to One-Seventh of Deficit . . . for Tuesday
Poll: 81% fear for Social Security
U.S. Corporate Tax Rate Set to Take over Number One Spot
Taming Leviathan: The Ever-Growing State

Future US envoy may worship at Chinese ‘house church’
Coptic Christians attacked by Egyptian military after suspending demonstrations
Ethiopian Muslim Group Says More Attacks against Christians are Coming
Kathmandu, high risk of attacks against Christians
Iran: Dismantle Evangelism
W.H. mum as .xxx nears approval

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 15Mar11.

Japan’s PM says 4th reactor of Fukushima NPP on fire
Japan spokesman says radiation from nuke plant high enough in nearby areas to damage health
Japan radiation leaks feared as nuclear experts point to possible cover-up
‘Radioactive emissions could last months’
Navy ships off Japan move to avoid radiation
Tide of bodies overwhelms quake-hit Japan
China donates $4.6 million in aid to quake-hit Japan
Bahrain protests throw island kingdom into chaos
Troops From Saudi Arabia ‘Occupy’ Bahrain To Aid Regime Amid Anti-Government Protests
Bahrain’s Crisis: Saudi Forces Intervene
Bahrain lawmakers push for martial law; GCC forces arrive
Iran and Saudis’ Countermove on Bahrain
G8 stalls as Gaddafi’s forces take seaport
Libya approaching ‘point of decision’ says Hague
Libya opposition to meet with Clinton in Paris today
Libyan rebels urge west to assassinate Gaddafi
Al Qaida commander backs Libyan rebels in message
NATO ‘to hold emergency meeting on Libya’
Governor stabbed in Yemen unrest
Yemen expels four foreign journalists amid fears of clampdown
Saudi police use live fire against Shi’ite protests
Saudi Emir: Iran’s Trying To Create Chaos In Saudi Arabia
Egypt Declares National Holiday For Referendum Vote
Critics say Egypt getting crash course in constitutional confusion
The Birth of the Muslim Brotherhood
Iran has intensified crackdown, executions: UN
Tehran Uses Revolts as Cover for Dirty Deeds
Report: Iran’s Feared Paramilitary Group Has Launched Cyber Attack On ‘Enemies’ Of State
China paying $6 billion to develop Iran oil fields
Iraqi Protestors In Baghdad Outnumbered By Security Forces
Iraq car bomb attack kills soldiers at army headquarters
Popular Kurdish singer shot in head
The Other Turkish Model
A very Ottoman gambit
Hezbollah unruffled by show of force
Palestinian rallies to go unhindered
IDF on high alert over Palestinian unity demonstrations
Israelis and Palestinians in shock after Fogel family massacre
Abbas: Settler family killings ‘inhuman’
Jerusalem should be a neutral city say European voters
Europe’s Israel romance is on the wane
Fighting Escalates in Ivory Coast
More than 42 fighters dead in raid on S.Sudan town
Southern Sudan accuses north of planning genocide
Algerian imams use regional unrest to press pay demands
Deadly attack on Afghan recruits
Pakistan court declines ruling on CIA case
Pakistan assassinations highlight sway of radical clerics
India guards die in rebel attack
India Maoists die in gun battle
China’s Wen Urges Political Shift
China’s Gradual Revolution
China’s ethanol binge and corn hangover
Japan Quake Affects S. Korea-U.S. Military Drill
More Thai ‘red-shirts’ released
Winds of revolution stirring in Burma
Gas at Australia asylum protest
China wants more for NZ quake dead
About 31,000 people driven from their homes because of floods in southern Brazil
Ecuador ships 6 tons of food and water to Galapagos, hit by tsunami from Japan quake
Waves wreak $50m damage in California
Texas farmers say drug war making job dangerous
The narrowness of Obama’s national security team is making me nervous
The Great Food Crunch

India captures 61 Somali pirates

China’s Military Buildup Could Push US Out of Asia
Obama Talks Afghanistan with U.S. Military Leaders
CBO Examines Options for Cutting DoD
India ‘largest importer’ of arms
UAE, Saudis, Egypt, Algeria top ME arms buyers
U.S. Navy Details JSF Buy
S. Korea to Launch Marine Aviation Unit: Report

Chris Huhne gets European support to toughen EU climate targets

Spike in gas prices offsetting U.S. tax cut, Obama says
Will the Run Up in Gas Prices Push the Economy Back Into Recession?
Japan’s economy heads into freefall after earthquake and tsunami
Japanese economy ‘will rebound’
Will Japan’s Crisis Lead to Global Recession?
Japan’s power crunch will be felt globally
Japan’s nuclear crisis could force up LNG prices for years
Quake unlikely to threaten U.S. economy
Japanese Act to Back Yen
China rules out faster yuan rise

Democrats: Use oil reserves to protect economy
Effect of Mandated Federal Minimum Wage on Jobs
U.S. Could Rethink Nuclear Reliance
Jobless Rate at 2012 Presidential Vote Forecast at 7.7%

Indian Police Ransack Church, Pastors
Christian Woman Freed from Muslim Kidnappers in Pakistan
Ethiopia PM Blames Muslim Sect Over Church Attacks
Christians who fled to northern Iraq find themselves in flux
Massive turn out of Vietnamese for Ash Wednesday
New Review of Religious Tolerance At Air Force Academy To Be Undertaken
Westboro Threatens to Protest Pa. Children’s Funeral

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