Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 02Apr11.

Libyan rebels say they would accept cease-fire if Gaddafi lifts sieges, allows protests
Libya rebel truce offer spurned amid battle for Brega
More disciplined Libyan opposition force emerging
Germany: ‘Libyan situation cannot be resolved militarily’
Swedish Parliament OKs 8 Jets for Libya Operation
EU approves possible military operation for Libya
Mass crowds flood streets and squares in biggest protests yet against Yemeni president
Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh digs in as rival protests rock Sana’a
Nine Syrian protesters shot dead
Syria’s Brotherhood Rejects Any Intervention
Pro-Syrian Lebanese Daily: Syria Considers Al-Hariri Responsible for Riots in Syria
UN nuclear agency inspects Syria’s Homs site
Jordanian Police Move to Separate Rival Protests
Report: Saudis challenge Iran in Bahrain having lost faith in U.S. leadership
Saudi Islamic Scholar Muhammad Musa Al-Sharif: The Day Is Coming When Islam Will Rule the World Again
Saudi Arabia’s anti-protest fatwa is transparent
In Saudi Arabia, New Restrictive Guidelines For Girls’ Schools’ Outings
Bahrain wages unrelenting crackdown on Shiites; raising sectarian tensions on tiny island
Thousands fill Tahrir Square to call for trials of Mubarak regime figures
Egyptian Authorities Arrest Salafis For Demolishing Sufi Shrines
Thousands Of Islamists Due To Return To Egypt From Abroad
The Muslim Sisterhood: Visions of Female Identity in the New Egypt
Kuwait Expels Two Iranian Diplomats On Espionage Charges
Oman’s security forces fire tear gas on protesters in unrest hub
Officials: Suicide bomber strikes Iraqi soldiers protecting mosque, kills 3 people
Political Initiative To Bring Down Al-Maliki’s Government
U.S. Baghdad Embassy Will Double in Size: Envoy
New Tensions in Kirkuk as Kurdish Peshmerga Surround City
Middle East Revolutions Strengthen Hezbollah
Turkey kills 7 Kurd fighters crossing from Syria
Israel asks UN to help block planned Gaza flotilla
What’s beneath the Temple Mount? (Smithsonian)
The Latest Archeology War Over Jerusalem
Islam and the Arab Revolutions
Bodies of 1,000 dead in Japan too toxic to handle
Chinese student’s death prompts online outrage
Taiwan still matters
S. Korea’s Lee Says N. Korea Not Sincere on Talks
Police fire tear gas on protesters in Tunisia after Islamist group demonstrates
Ivory Coast rebels surround Gbagbo palace
Reports: Over 1,000 Killed In South Sudan
Both North and South infiltrating Sudan oil region as secession date approaches
More North African Dominoes May Fall
Afghan government plans crackdown on revealing wedding dresses
No way to halt tsunami as rethink urged on return
World court throws out Georgia case claiming ethnic cleansing by Russia, separatist militias
Italian anarchist group claims parcel bomb intercepted at Greek prison
Portuguese called to polls after finance stalemate
Europe Had Better Wake Up
Evictions, cash payments induce thousands to leave Haiti’s squalid earthquake settlement camps
Argentine judge rules that Turkey committed ‘Armenian genocide,’ orders help for descendant
Sites hit in massive web attack
Faith Diplomacy’s Importance Is Growing

From weapons to ‘wall of water,’ new system is a window into security amid pirate threat

Japan’s Crisis Bolsters Its Military
China Boosts it Amphibious Options
Executive officer fired at Singapore command

Unemployment falls to two-year low
Our Workforce Lost 2.33 Million People in One Year?
Wages Fail to Keep Up With Inflation
Auto sales up 17 percent with economy, but buyers are downsizing
Construction spending falls to lowest level since 1999

Boehner: Time for Democrats to get serious on budget
GOP Reps Introduce Bill to Make Sure Troops Get Paychecks if Government Shuts Down
Obama sells energy gimmicks
We’ve Become a Nation of Takers, Not Makers
Increasing Domestic Oil Production

Pakistani Christians Suffering After US Pastor’s Koran Burning
Bangladeshi Lay Minister’s Home Destroyed
Kazakhstan: Punishments for worship meetings re-start
Nepal: Evangelism Ban?
Scholars Doubtful About Metal Plate Documents’ Authenticity

  One-Third of Americans’ Income is Transferred Wealth

Posted by Chris van Avery on 16Mar11.

Daniel Indiviglio at the Atlantic is asking the question, “Is the U.S. Becoming a Welfare State?”, and the answer is not pretty .

Uncle Sam has been aggressively increasing Americans’ allowance recently. Government entitlement programs have grown to account for 35% of wages, according to a new analysis by Madeline Schnapp, director of macroeconomic research at investment research firm TrimTabs. The magnitude of government assistance has increased in large part due to high unemployment. But she argues that even when unemployment declines, we aren’t like to see this percentage drop much.

Thus, we see why it’s going to be extraordinarily hard to get our federal budget under control. Also, notice the trend? Occasionally the tide gets pushed back a bit, but it never, ever gets pushed back all the way.

Off the cuff, I’d say the natural human tendency to defend what one thinks is his is at the root of this. Surely, politicians’ tendency to try and provide handouts to their base feeds the problem, but at the heart of it, it’s the voters’ fault for not recognizing this as the destructive habit it is.

Thoughts, anyone?

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 15Mar11.

Japan’s PM says 4th reactor of Fukushima NPP on fire
Japan spokesman says radiation from nuke plant high enough in nearby areas to damage health
Japan radiation leaks feared as nuclear experts point to possible cover-up
‘Radioactive emissions could last months’
Navy ships off Japan move to avoid radiation
Tide of bodies overwhelms quake-hit Japan
China donates $4.6 million in aid to quake-hit Japan
Bahrain protests throw island kingdom into chaos
Troops From Saudi Arabia ‘Occupy’ Bahrain To Aid Regime Amid Anti-Government Protests
Bahrain’s Crisis: Saudi Forces Intervene
Bahrain lawmakers push for martial law; GCC forces arrive
Iran and Saudis’ Countermove on Bahrain
G8 stalls as Gaddafi’s forces take seaport
Libya approaching ‘point of decision’ says Hague
Libya opposition to meet with Clinton in Paris today
Libyan rebels urge west to assassinate Gaddafi
Al Qaida commander backs Libyan rebels in message
NATO ‘to hold emergency meeting on Libya’
Governor stabbed in Yemen unrest
Yemen expels four foreign journalists amid fears of clampdown
Saudi police use live fire against Shi’ite protests
Saudi Emir: Iran’s Trying To Create Chaos In Saudi Arabia
Egypt Declares National Holiday For Referendum Vote
Critics say Egypt getting crash course in constitutional confusion
The Birth of the Muslim Brotherhood
Iran has intensified crackdown, executions: UN
Tehran Uses Revolts as Cover for Dirty Deeds
Report: Iran’s Feared Paramilitary Group Has Launched Cyber Attack On ‘Enemies’ Of State
China paying $6 billion to develop Iran oil fields
Iraqi Protestors In Baghdad Outnumbered By Security Forces
Iraq car bomb attack kills soldiers at army headquarters
Popular Kurdish singer shot in head
The Other Turkish Model
A very Ottoman gambit
Hezbollah unruffled by show of force
Palestinian rallies to go unhindered
IDF on high alert over Palestinian unity demonstrations
Israelis and Palestinians in shock after Fogel family massacre
Abbas: Settler family killings ‘inhuman’
Jerusalem should be a neutral city say European voters
Europe’s Israel romance is on the wane
Fighting Escalates in Ivory Coast
More than 42 fighters dead in raid on S.Sudan town
Southern Sudan accuses north of planning genocide
Algerian imams use regional unrest to press pay demands
Deadly attack on Afghan recruits
Pakistan court declines ruling on CIA case
Pakistan assassinations highlight sway of radical clerics
India guards die in rebel attack
India Maoists die in gun battle
China’s Wen Urges Political Shift
China’s Gradual Revolution
China’s ethanol binge and corn hangover
Japan Quake Affects S. Korea-U.S. Military Drill
More Thai ‘red-shirts’ released
Winds of revolution stirring in Burma
Gas at Australia asylum protest
China wants more for NZ quake dead
About 31,000 people driven from their homes because of floods in southern Brazil
Ecuador ships 6 tons of food and water to Galapagos, hit by tsunami from Japan quake
Waves wreak $50m damage in California
Texas farmers say drug war making job dangerous
The narrowness of Obama’s national security team is making me nervous
The Great Food Crunch

India captures 61 Somali pirates

China’s Military Buildup Could Push US Out of Asia
Obama Talks Afghanistan with U.S. Military Leaders
CBO Examines Options for Cutting DoD
India ‘largest importer’ of arms
UAE, Saudis, Egypt, Algeria top ME arms buyers
U.S. Navy Details JSF Buy
S. Korea to Launch Marine Aviation Unit: Report

Chris Huhne gets European support to toughen EU climate targets

Spike in gas prices offsetting U.S. tax cut, Obama says
Will the Run Up in Gas Prices Push the Economy Back Into Recession?
Japan’s economy heads into freefall after earthquake and tsunami
Japanese economy ‘will rebound’
Will Japan’s Crisis Lead to Global Recession?
Japan’s power crunch will be felt globally
Japan’s nuclear crisis could force up LNG prices for years
Quake unlikely to threaten U.S. economy
Japanese Act to Back Yen
China rules out faster yuan rise

Democrats: Use oil reserves to protect economy
Effect of Mandated Federal Minimum Wage on Jobs
U.S. Could Rethink Nuclear Reliance
Jobless Rate at 2012 Presidential Vote Forecast at 7.7%

Indian Police Ransack Church, Pastors
Christian Woman Freed from Muslim Kidnappers in Pakistan
Ethiopia PM Blames Muslim Sect Over Church Attacks
Christians who fled to northern Iraq find themselves in flux
Massive turn out of Vietnamese for Ash Wednesday
New Review of Religious Tolerance At Air Force Academy To Be Undertaken
Westboro Threatens to Protest Pa. Children’s Funeral

  Daily News Roundup

Posted by Chris van Avery on 05Mar11.

Libya: Fierce day of raids and clashes signals shift towards civil war
Exiled prince calls for airstrikes
Libya shows captured Dutch crew
Black Watch ‘on 24-hour standby’ to intervene if Libyan crisis worsens
Eyes Full Of Terror, A Gun To His Head, The Tables Are Turned On One Of Gaddafi’s Boy Soldiers
Libyan Evacuations Slow
Pro-Gaddafi forces prevent crossings on Libyan border -UN
Libyan opposition leaders to get advice from UK military
EU Could Deploy Ships to Enforce Libya Arms Ban
More Marines, sailors arrive at Crete base
UK seizes ship carrying $160M of Libyan currency
Turkey Diverges From Western Position On Libya
Forces ‘fire on Yemen protesters’
Yemen’s ambassador to Egypt attacked
Egyptian security agency stormed
Egypt’s new PM seeks legitimacy in Tahrir Square
Saudis mobilise thousands of troops to quell growing revolt
Shadow over House of Saud as ‘day of rage’ draws nearer
Sadrists Escalating Criticism Of Al-Maliki
Egypt to hold referendum on amending constitution March 19
Iraqis protest again, this time in ‘Day of Regret’
US and Israel blamed for Stuxnet
Large Bahrain Rally Pressures Leaders
Guardian: The Real Story of Bahrain’s Divided Society
Seven journalists arrested in Turkey
Uproar over journalists’ detention in Turkey
Turkey Becoming Russia of the Middle East
Interim Palestine State Weighed
Netanyahu wants 40% of West Bank under Israeli control
An Arab Strategy? Not as Hopeless as You Think
Special Commentary: Popular Movements in the Middle East and the Role of al-Qaeda
Iran Will Be a Tougher Nut to Crack
Will Jordan Become a Palestinian State?
The New Middle East
Algeria Opposition Joins Protest Wave
New Tunisian PM to appoint govt in two days
Tunisia Struggles With Migrant Influx
US begins relief operation for refugees in Tunisia
Ivorian city ‘resembles war zone’
Bhatti’s killing leaves Pak govt split wide open
Terror strikes mosque at Friday prayers; 10 worshippers killed
Nepal Maoists rejoin government
Chinese parliament opens with grand pledges
China’s dam-building will cause more problems than it solves
China to overhaul admin near India, Pak borders
China plans to track Beijing citizens through their mobiles
Is China a Superpower?
‘China invite’ to Kim Jong-il son
South Korea government websites targeted in cyber attack
Philippines to China: Explain Incident
Kurils: The great game in the Asia-Pacific
Russia, EU, U.S. could become guarantors of peace between Georgia, breakaway republics
Warming oceans and human waste hit Tuvalu’s sustainable way of life

China beefs up military spending
China Rejects Curbs on Nuclear Arsenal Expansion
Sailor charged with attempted espionage is held in Norfolk
Adm. cited in Enterprise investigation fired
Lawmaker: Allow alcohol for troops under 21
Senators push to increase PCS travel allowances

China Flexes Muscles in the South China Sea
Clinton says anti-piracy task force falls short
Applying Counterterrorist Methods to the Growing Threat of Piracy

The New Underclass and Obama
EU ‘backs away from 30% target’
U.K. Economic Data Turn Negative as More Cuts Loom

ObamaCare Judge to White House: Stop Stalling
Boehner pushes DOMA enforcement
A Response to “What Would Jesus Cut?”

Update: Ethiopian Muslims Kill Christian, Burn More Churches and Christian Homes in Ongoing Attacks
Russian Jews laud Pope’s new book as crushing anti-Semitism
Jewish groups oppose circumcision ban in US city
Vatican to Overhaul Sexual Abuse Canon Law

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